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Healthcare to Pizza Parable August 20, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Politics, Videos.
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I spent the day with two very good (and smart) friends yesterday.  We got into a health care discussion and I tried to explain why I thought it was important to pass health care reform and what it would mean. More on this later but in the meantime, watch Rachel Maddow and her Healthcare to Pizza Parable.



1. Jude - August 20, 2009

I want anchovies on mine AND the public option!

2. Gloria - August 20, 2009

Democrats- do like Rachel and just order the damn pizza!

As long as health care is subject to the profit motive, reform is not possible Listen up everyone! Health care is rationed everyday by insurance company stockholders who demand a return on their investment. Hmmm…pay for your cancer treatment or pay that dividend? And ss long as the health care delivery system is based on a fee-for-service structure, reform is not possible.

Every suggestion to alter either of the above has been shouted down and, as a result, watered down. I am sick to my stomach (uh oh, will my insurance pay for it?) that we might miss an incredible opportunity to salvage health care in this country. Let’s just order the damn pizza!

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