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Eight Years Later September 11, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics.

jjI suddenly realized while walking my dog Benny in the rain this morning that I did not prepare a September 11th post.  Yikes.  I began this whole writing thing (before the term ‘blog’ had been invented) just eight years ago as a coping method to get through the sorrow of the attacks.  Yet, here it is, eight years later, and I have forgotten to prepare a blog post.  So what does this mean?  Have I moved on with life?  Well, of course, we all move on.  Has my recent vacation allowed me to not dwell upon this day? Perhaps. Have I forgotten?  Of course not. Not a day goes by that I do not think about that awful day. It has affected all of our lives in so many ways. So I am going to go with the idea that the nightmare of that day has been placed in an appropriate space in my being and like all horrors, we keep on living.  We keep on fighting the good fight.

For some more photos and last years post on this day go to this link.

Speaking of fighting.  The New York Times has an excellent editorial about all of the clawing and scratching that has gone on downtown and prevented the building of a space we can all appreciate and remember.

Here it is in its entirety: “The horrors of Sept. 11, 2001, are still vivid for many Americans, especially the families of the victims. So it is tragic that on this Sept. 11, when family members, politicians and visitors go to the ceremonies at ground zero, they will be gathering at an unfinished place.

Instead of the two memorial pools designed by the architect Michael Arad, visitors will see their barest outlines. Instead of a circle of skyscrapers, the steel for the tallest tower stretches only five stories high. There are just the first skeletal signs of Santiago Calatrava’s magnificent transportation hub.

Why is it taking so long? That is a question that has been asked every Sept. 11. For the first few years, there were too many feuds — the architects Daniel Libeskind versus David Childs, the families versus the designers and builders, the community versus the demolition squads, the developer Larry Silverstein versus the insurance companies. Even now, Mr. Silverstein is locked in arbitration with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the owner of the site, because he wants more of the authority’s money to build more office towers.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who now supports Mr. Silverstein’s excessive demands for public funds, once recognized the hazards of overbuilding office space in the area. In December 2002, a year after the attack, he bluntly acknowledged that “the twin towers’ voracious appetite for tenants weakened the entire downtown real estate market” — a possibility that today’s real estate experts fear if Mr. Silverstein builds too precipitously.

All this infighting — and confusion over necessities like a subway line and bus terminals and walls to keep out the Hudson River — has obscured the original promise to make use of this vital and iconic space beyond simply replacing 10 million square feet of commercial space.

The centerpiece of the project properly remains the memorial, its park and, eventually, the underground museum. But around that somber space, there should be more than skyscrapers that grow dark at night. There should be a vibrant, 24-hour community of people who live, work, play and thrive in Lower Manhattan”.




1. Erica - September 11, 2009

I, too, didn’t remember today was September 11th until late last night. During “Project Runway” I turned to Kirk and said “Oh, tomorrow’s Sept. 11th.” And he said “Oh, right.” I asked him if he thought, since we both “forgot” this meant we were moving on, or whatever. He couldn’t say. This is the first year it hasn’t been on weighing on my mind a few weeks out. It’s certainly weighing on me today.

2. Nine Years Later « Lobo's Rants - September 11, 2010

[…] is what I wrote about this day last year and the year before […]

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