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Monsters, Madness and the Public Option September 13, 2009

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nessieThe debate rages on. While I am still confident some form of reform will get through Congress this year I get enraged by the distractions that the Repugnants excel at creating.  The ‘birthers’, ‘deathers’, Fox Noise and now the ‘tenthers’ are fine fodder for the non-stop chatter of the talking heads shows. Aurgh.

The above photo is ‘Nessie’ the Loch Ness Monster that I was lucky enough to see on last week’s trip to Scotland. Check out more photos below. By the way, everything I knew about Scottish history I learned from the movies. And guess what? It is all wrong. Double aurgh.

–  Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains what a public option for health care coverage really means for working people. Pass it on to everyone you know.  We can’t let the insurance companies decide who gets care and who doesn’t.

–  Well spoken Congressman Anthony Weiner (I wanted him to run for NYC Mayor or NY Senator) was on Bill Maher’s show Friday night.  Here is his simple take on the single payer debate (or non-debate).

–  New Rules from Bill Maher.

–  Here’s a little ditty called We’re # 37:

–  Our recent visit to Scotland was terrific.  Along with all of the beautiful castles, breathtaking landscape and rich artistic heritage we included visits to two Royal Zoological Society of Scotland venues.

–  The first is the all inclusive Edinburgh Zoo.

–  The second is located in the Highlands and is both a drive thru and walk thru venue.  The cat that looks like a house cat is actually one of only 400 pure-bred Scottish wildcats.

–  A bonus montage includes wildlife that we saw as we toured the countryside.  And yes, that is the Loch Ness monster, lovingly referred to as ‘Nessie.’

–  A visit to the Edinburgh Zoo is not complete without watching the daily (2:15) March of the Penguins. The zoo has about 200 penguins in three connected pool areas. The keepers open the gate at 2:15 and whichever penguins choose to take a stroll leave voluntarily and march around a large oval surrounded by adoring zoo visitors. The day we visited just three Kings and one Gentoo took advantage of the march.  Check out my short video for the results.  I left the sound intact so you can hear the narrator and the clicking of penguin feet on the ground.



1. bumper sticker - September 13, 2009

About the Tenthers — I read that Tim Pawlenty had made a statement on Thurs about using the Tenth Amendment to stop Health Care Reform. It doesn’t seem like it could be successful, but it would certainly give the crazies another excuse to rant and rave with puffed up, self-righteous (although misguided) Constitutional indignation. If somehow they did manage to stop Health Care Reform based on the Tenth amendment, don’t these folks realize that it would also mean the end of Social Security and Medicare? (Which is the ultimate aim of the neocons, anyway). Where are all the folks who were upset about the use of Medicare cost savings to help fund Health Care reform? Where are all the folks who were upset about fictional “death panels”? Not a peep! This would certainly be a lot worse. The Republicans (with their “moderate” Tim Pawlenty) want to go down a path that would lead to the total dismantling of Social Security and Medicare. We didn’t see any protest posters about that at the Washington rally. I guess Faux News didn’t tell them they should be protesting that. Glenn Beck — where are you? This is something you could shed real tears over.

I just had to rant about this!

2. bungalowbillblog - September 13, 2009

I wrote to “Joe” Wilson whose real name is Addison Graves Wilson ( is his real name too elitist perhaps for his constituency?) telling him that if he thinks government should not be involved in health care to give up his federally funded care and go out and buy his own with his own money. I also suggested that he donate all the money he solicited for his bad behavior towards our President be donated to people that cannot afford care. Some how I think none of that will happen.

I think every congressman and senator that says they do not want government involvement in health care should be urged by everyone to lead by example and give theirs up and buy it, with their own money, on the open market.

And why, after the Republicans lost, do we still allow them to set the debate and lead?

3. jacksmith - September 13, 2009

Why A Strong Public Option Is Essential – By jacksmith — Working Class

Robert Reich explains the pubic option: http://bit.ly/dDYSJ http://robertreich.blogspot.com/

John Garamendi on the Public Option and the Grassroots: http://bit.ly/TJMty

It’s not just because more than two thirds of the American people want a single payer health care system. And if they cant have a single payer system 77% of all Americans want a strong government-run public option on day one (86% of democrats, 75% of independents, and 72% republicans). Basically everyone.

It’s not just because according to a new AARP POLL: 86 percent of seniors want universal healthcare security for All, including 93% of Democrats, 87% of Independents, and 78% of Republicans. With 79% of seniors supporting creating a new strong Government-run public option plan, available immediately. Including 89% of Democrats, 80% of Independents, and 61% of Republicans, STUNNING!!

It’s not just because it will lower cost. Because a strong public option will dramatically lower cost for everyone. And dramatically improved the quality of care everyone receives in America and around the World. Rich, middle class, and poor a like.

It’s not just because it will save trillions of dollars and prevent the needless deaths of millions more of YOU, caused by a rush to profit by the DISGRACEFUL, GREED DRIVEN, PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

It’s not just because every expert in every field, including economist, and Nobel laureates all agree that free market based healthcare systems don’t work. Never have and never will. The US has the only truly free market based healthcare system in the World. And as you all know now, IT IS A DISASTER!

It’s not just because providing or denying medically necessary care for profit motivations is wrong. Because it is WRONG! It’s professionally, ethically, and morally REPUGNANT!, Animalistic, VILE and EVIL.


The public option is ESSENTIAL because over 200 million of you are trapped in the forest of the wolves. Which is the forest of the DISGRACEFUL, GREED DRIVEN, PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! With no way out except through needless inhumane suffering, and DEATH. While the wolves tear at your flesh, and rip you limb from lib. Then feast on your lifeless bodies like a dead carcase for transplant parts.

At the most vulnerable times of your lives (when you were sick and hurting), millions of you have had to fight and loose cruel, but heroic battles. Fighting against the big guns of the DISGRACEFUL, GREED DRIVEN, PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! in the forest of the wolves. All because you have no place else to go. You have no other CHOICE!

But the PUBLIC OPTION will give you someplace safe to go. And it will give us someplace safe to take you. The public option will be your refugium (your refuge). Where the wolves cannot get at you when your down, hurting, and vulnerable. Where everyone who needs it can find rest, security, comfort and the care they need. Protected by the BIG GUNS of We The People Of The United States. THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE AND COUNTRY ON EARTH.

This is why it is so critical that we do not lead another 50 million vulnerable, uninsured Americans into the forest of the wolves, without the protections of a Strong Government-run public option. We The People Of The United States MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN to any more of our fellow Americans. If healthcare reform does not contain a strong public option on day one. YOU MUST! KILL IT. Or you will do far more harm than good. And millions more will die needlessly. Rich, middle class, and poor a like.

To those who would continue to obstruct good and true healthcare reform for the American people, and who seek to trap millions more vulnerable Americans in the forest of the wolves. We will continue to fight you. We are prepared to wage all out war against you, and will eagerly DESTROY! you. Time…is…UP! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! No Co-op’s! No Triggers! NO INDIVIDUAL MANDATES! without a Strong public option on day one.

Healthcare reform can be the GREATEST! Accomplishment of our time and century. A time when future generations may say of us, that we were all, AMERICAS GREATEST GENERATIONS.


I therefore call on all my fellow Americans and the peoples of the World. To join us in this fight so that we may finish becoming the better America that we aspire to be for everyone.


I have been privileged to be witness as many of you fought, and struggled to take your first breath, and your last breath on this earth. Rich, middle class, and poor a like. Life is precious.

Whatever the cost. WE! MUST SUCCEED.

God Bless You My Fellow Human Beings

jacksmith — Working Class

No Triggers! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jason-rosenbaum/a-trigger-for-the-public_b_277910.html

Triggers http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-sirota/weve-seen-these-triggers_b_283583.html

Krugman on heathcare (http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/07/25/why-markets-cant-cure-healthcare/)

Senator Bernie Sanders on healthcare (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSM8t_cLZgk&feature=player_embedded)

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