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I voted, did you? September 15, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.

vote-buttonAnother season, another Primary Day in NYC.  Voting is not only a right, I strongly believe it is a responsibility plus you never know what you are going to see in those hallowed old gymnasiums where most of our antiquated voting machines are placed in order for us good citizens to speak out.

Today I strolled over to my voting place (in a local High School gym) to exercise my right.  Today’s Primary in NYC is only for Democrats since Mayor Mike Bloomberg bought his way into the Republican and Independent Parties and there is no competition.  I am not going to vote for Mayor Mike in the general election (I know this will bring me mail) but more on that another day.

As I entered my voting gym there was only one other person ahead of me and four people could not find his name in the log.  The Policeman on duty was chatting away on his cell phone the whole time.  Finally I suggested the perplexed crowd should look in the other book for the man’s name (the books are in alphabetical order).  Voila!  There it was – and Morris Weiss exercised his right.  My turn came and I suggest they turn the page and my name, Judith Wolfe, would be right there.  Sadly, after lots of fumbling, the dropsies and some keystone cop antics, they found my name.  As I reached over to sign on the dotted line I smelled day old booze on both election workers. Blech.

It seems to me that with unemployment as high as it is the Board of Elections could have hired people a bit more qualified for this duty.  It is a good thing that there will be a light turnout today because I am not sure if this crowd can handle more than one person every 15 minutes. OY.

By the way, here is who I cast my vote for:

MAYOR: William C. Thompson Jr.



COMPTROLLER:  David Yassky

CITY COUNCIL (my district): Friend of the Central Park Zoo, Rosie Mendez

‘No one puts baby in a corner’ is something I have quoted countless times.  Patrick Swayze will be missed.



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