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Silence of the Blog September 20, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Jewish Stuff, Links, Photography, Politics, wildlife, Zoos.
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silenceWhy so silent these days, you ask? Yes, there are surely things that are driving me nuts every day. And yes, I have been screaming at the TV, newspapers and websites that I read.  I have been blogging in my head (can’t you hear the voices?) However, the dialogue is so crazy that It is hard to write about the lunacy.  I have always said to all who will listen that ‘I don’t do crazy.’  It is difficult to think like a crazy person. I find that analyzing this kind of behavior is a waste of my time. I have decided that this wackiness will pass – most likely replaced by other annoying, distracting wackiness.

–  These are the things that are bothering me this morning.  The delegitimizing of the Obama Presidency by the right, Glen Beck (read Frank Rich today), the healthcare debacle, the financial meltdown, Acorn, Obama interfering now in the New York State Governor’s race just like the Dems interfered in the upcoming New York State senatorial race (Gillibrand), Joe ‘you lie’ Wilson, ‘Values’ voters, the Mideast peace negotiations breakdown, the New York Mayoral contest and why can’t I DVR two shows while watching a live third one?

More details on some of these annoying above items at another time.  Today is too lovely a day to sit and gripe.  I am outta here.  Oh yes, and a very happy new year to all of my Jewish friends.  L’Shanah Tovah.

Meanwhile enjoy these photos from this week’s trip to the Bronx Zoo.




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