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To Shoot a Hummingbird September 22, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Dogs and cats, Photography, wildlife.
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maddy7It would have been quite a coup for me to spy a hummingbird in the New York City.  It would have even been a better coup had she been on my balcony, dining on some luscious plants of mine. And it would have been even better if I had gotten my camera out and been able to shoot this rare occurrence.  And I did.

Special mention has to be given to my cat, Madison (also pictured), for it was her twitching tail and mesmerized gaze, as she sat by the balcony doors watching the hummingbird, that caught my attention.




1. Jimmy - September 22, 2009


2. Sarah Milstein - September 22, 2009

Now there’s another benefit of NYC: hummingbirds are rare, and seem magical. Here in CA? Dime a dozen, which saps some of the magic out of ’em. Anyway, very nice pics!

3. bumper sticker - September 22, 2009

Beautiful!!! Who knew?

4. Gloria - September 22, 2009

NO WAY!! This is so freaking cool!

5. Kelley McAuliffe - September 22, 2009

that is beautiful!!!

6. Jude - September 22, 2009

I could do the “Migration Chat” from your balcony.
What a wonderful sight. Thank goodness for that camera and Madison.

7. Steve Bass - September 22, 2009

OMYGOD, it’s the Manhattan Tribolate Hummingbird, a rare find, indeed. Interesting, because it’s usually found hovering around the red lights of ambulances, taxi tail lights, and the hair of red, Jello-dyed tennie-boppers.

8. Bonnie Luria - September 22, 2009

Can’t top Steves’ comment.

Won’t even try.
But it’s like being visited by a magical creature.
Even though I see them every day, I’m always fascinated by them.

9. Linc - September 23, 2009

that is awesome! I’m guessing a female ruby throated, as they are the ones I’ve seen on the east coast???? But what do I know…my dad will love this….

10. wendy - September 23, 2009

A hummingbird was in the pavilion at the CPZ snow leopard two weeks ago. It was flying near the glass, and at first I thought it was on Zoe’s side of the glass, but it turned out to be on our side. I wore itself out trying to get through the glass and eventually dropped to the floor. I was about to scoop it up to take it outside when a visitor beat me to it. As soon as he set it down, it flew off into the trees. No pictures, only a great story.

p.s. sorry we didn’t get to talk tonight.

11. marci alboher - September 27, 2009

wow indeed….and especially impressive that madison did the scouting on this! so far, about the only things that sinatra has successfully identified in our neighborhood all hail from the rodent family and they certainly wouldn’t qualify as rare finds in manhattan.

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