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To the disappointed, disenchanted and disengaged… October 6, 2009

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kinkajooFor those that are woebegone, disappointed, disenchanted and generally becoming disengaged with the ‘Yes, We Can’ gang I decided it was time to be a cheerleader and turn those frowns upside down.  I too, have been a sad sack over the ‘do nothing’ crowd that has a majority in both chambers of power and occupies the big old White House. Yet suddenly, last Friday, after reading conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks‘ column – I felt better.  Why you say? His column, entitled, The Wizard of Beck‘ (I encourage you to read the article) postulates that the Screaming Mimi’s who occupy the Repugnant media on TV, radio and the Internet have the microphone but lack the power to get their minions to the polls. ‘It is a story of remarkable volume and utter weakness. It is the story of media mavens who claim to represent a hidden majority but who in fact represent a mere niche — even in the Republican Party. It is a story as old as “The Wizard of Oz,” of grand illusions and small men behind the curtain.  Over the years, I have asked many politicians what happens when Limbaugh and his colleagues attack. The story is always the same. Hundreds of calls come in. The receptionists are miserable. But the numbers back home do not move. There is no effect on the favorability rating or the re-election prospects. In the media world, he is a giant. In the real world, he’s not. But this is not merely a story of weakness. It is a story of resilience. For no matter how often their hollowness is exposed, the jocks still reweave the myth of their own power. They still ride the airwaves claiming to speak for millions. They still confuse listeners with voters. And they are aided in this endeavor by their enablers. They are enabled by cynical Democrats, who love to claim that Rush Limbaugh controls the G.O.P. They are enabled by lazy pundits who find it easier to argue with showmen than with people whose opinions are based on knowledge. They are enabled by the slightly educated snobs who believe that Glenn Beck really is the voice of Middle America. They pre-emptively surrender to armies that don’t exist’.

–  So does this mean I am happy with the Obama Administration’s handling of the larger issues that take over the headlines?  Absolutely not.  But it does mean I feel better about the power of the opposition. They are looking for someone or something to define themselves and win back the power in 2010.  I even heard someone suggest that Glenn Beck is considering a run as a third party.  One can only hope.  How about a Palin/Beck campaign? Gasp.

–  It is time for a reality check on Obama’s campaign promises.  I took a look at Politifact this morning and they claim he has kept 47 promises, Compromised on 12 things, Broken seven promises, Stalled on 12 items, 107 items are in the works and a whopping 330 items that have NO ACTION attached.

–  The larger picture shows that there are other issues being dealt with by the two houses of Congress, but unless you are a policy wonk nerd, you are only going to listen to the screamers and read the headlines.  I guarantee that you will feel better if you lower the volume and read between the lines.

– Try to remember that just last year at this time the campaign was in full swing.  We have only just begun. Keep the faith.

–  For some needed laughs, check out our encounter with an ostrich last week. That is me, giggling in the car.



1. Carol King - October 6, 2009

I am still “keeping the faith”. As a local government worker for the past 8 years I have discovered that EVERYTHING takes much longer than it should. Even the simplest things. And this is just on a local government scale. I can’t even imagine the Federal Governement scale.

So keep the faith and be happy Bush is gone.

2. AKfour seven - October 25, 2009

I stand here today humbled by the task before dofus kamas, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our cheap dofus kamas. I thank President dofus power leveling for his service to buy dofus kamas, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

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