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Eyes on the Prize October 11, 2009

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the prizeWhat is wrong with so many people?  Why can’t we all be proud (even for just a short while) that our young President won the biggest prize of all – the Nobel Peace Prize.  I did not expect the virulent Right to say anything positive about this honor (although I never can figure out what crazy shit will actually come out of their collective mouths).  However, I was a bit taken aback by the Left side of the spectrum.  The man has been in office for only eight months.  Did you think he was going to give you everything you wanted in those first few days?  Weeks?  Months?  Or even years?  Were you listening to his campaign speeches?  Or were you simply so excited that we were finally getting rid of the Bush thugs that your thoughts were clouded.

True, I have been horrified by some of the previous Nobel Peace Prize winners. Often the committee awards the Prize as encouragement for positive steps even if the end goal has yet to be reached. For instance, Yassir Arafat‘s prize made my blood boil and no one was surprised to see that he proceeded to back out of the Middle East Peace ideas, take all the money and run. My ire still enrages at the Peace Prize award that was given to Henry (top of my war criminal list) Kissinger, during the Vietnam War.  President Obama has created a new international climate, the committee declared, and the world cheers that effort.  Insulated Americans, have no idea how horrified most of the rest of the civilized world has been by the thuggish, brutal, go it alone approach of the Bush Administration. Obama’s international efforts to start speaking through diplomatic channels to undo those wrongs cannot be taken lightly.  Or, maybe they awarded the prize to Obama simply because he can pronounce the word ‘nuclear’ correctly.

Here is an alphabetical listing of all previous Nobel Peace Prize winners. Check out who you hate on this list.

Andrew Sullivan chimes in with some interesting thoughts about the prize. “I don’t think Americans fully absorbed the depths to which this country’s reputation had sunk under the Cheney era. That’s understandable. And so they also haven’t fully absorbed the turn-around in the world’s view of America that Obama and the American people have accomplished. Of course, this has yet to bear real fruit. But you can begin to see how it could; and I hope more see both the peaceful intentions and the steely resolve of this man to persevere. This president has done a huge amount to bring race relations in this country to a different place, which is why the far right has become so vicious in attacking him and lying about him. They know he threatens their politics of division and rule. He has also directly addressed the Muslim world, telling some hard truths, and played a small role in evoking a similar movement of hope and change in Iran, and finally told the Israelis to stop cutting their nose off to spite their face.”

I must say when I heard the news early on Friday morning that Obama had won the prize, an audible gasp could be heard throughout Casa Lobo.  Little Benny the dog, came over to see if my gasp involved a treat for him.  Madison, the cat – yawned. I was torn between racing thoughts about the prize and watching NASATV as we were about to bomb the moon in our search for water moon sources.  I thought that the decision by the Olympic Committee to choose Rio over Chicago now probably seemed like a ‘who cares.’  I thought that Bill Clinton is probably blowing a fuse about not being chosen for the Nobel Peace prize.  In fact, Maureen Dowd has one of her funny columns today  about a fictional conversation between ‘W’ and Bubba.  A fun read.

So, I say, bravo to President Obama. Perhaps this Prize will elevate his goals even higher. Nuclear disarmament is a fine goal, as is peace between arch enemies.  Did anyone ever think that Northern Ireland would get over ‘the troubles?’  This President was handed a fine mess on every front.  It couldn’t hurt to try to support his International efforts, could it? How about let us all sit back and congratulate the President on this encouraging award.  We can always go back to criticizing him next week.


–  If you want to follow Keith Olbermann‘s lead and donate to the National Association of Free Clinics here is the website.  I have donated, how about you?

You can make your tax deductible online donation to the National Association of Free Clinics by mailing a check directly to them at:
The National Association of Free Clinics
1800 Diagonal Road Suite 600
Alexandria VA 22314

–  Rachel Maddow Goes After Idiot Republican Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert

–  My new favorite Congressman of the week is Alan ‘I’m not apoligizing’ Grayson:

–  Former vice president and Nobel Laureate Al Gore is calling President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win extremely well deserved and an honor for the country. He shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work on global warming.

– And you must watch this:



1. hoboduke - October 11, 2009

Miss Universe and Miss USA always say they are for “world peace” and it alwys warms the cockles of my heart. Our President is for world peace and he won his beauty contest also. I expect about the same results as the beauty queens on achieving “world peace”.

Gabrielle - October 11, 2009

Do you really think that’s a fair comparison? Which Miss Universe ever started or ended a war? Which Miss USA ever negotiated a nuclear arms treaty?

2. bumper sticker - October 11, 2009

Yes — I’ve also been surprised by the negativity of many folks on the Left. I keep hearing rumblings that folks thought Obama would be another FDR, but now they believe he’s no FDR. I thought — well, FDR was President for 16 years, Obama’s been President for 9 months. How do you make a valid comparison?

I’ve been reading the book “Eleanor and Franklin” and saw this quote in a letter that Eleanor wrote around 1936, in the midst of trying to get through relief bills and create Social Security. I find it interesting and appropriate for what’s happening today:
“These things go in cycles”… The ups and downs of peoples’ feelings, particularly on the liberal side, are an old, old story. The liberals always get discouraged when they do not see measures they are interested in go through immediately. Considering the time we have had to work in the past for almost every slight improvement, I should think they might get over it, but they never do.”
Looks like, once again, Eleanor nailed it. Some things never change.

3. Carol - October 11, 2009

Or, maybe they awarded the prize to Obama simply because he can pronounce the word ‘nuclear’ correctly.

I think that’s it!

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