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Sprint or Marathon? November 1, 2009

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Halloween09Talk about strange overlaps.  While walking my dog Benny  (who does not yet acknowledge the fact that we turned the clock back an hour last night), I noticed the Halloween revelers were still walking home while the NYC Marathon buses filled with anxious runners, were headed to Staten Island to await the start later this morning.  I guess that there are both party marathoners and running marathoners, right?

medals–  Since people are taking part in both activities at the same time I decided I can write about the Marathon and still be celebrating Halloween.  So, the above photo of Benny is my little Halloween greeting to you and yours.

–  The medals featured on the left are all about my Marathon days.

–  The New York Times had a front page story this rainy Marathon morning about cheating while Marathoning. I know from my five NYC  Marathons that it is uber-tempting to cheat.  When you enter Manhattan at mile 17 you can practically smell Central Park but you still have to lumber north on first Avenue through the Bronx, turn around and then head south to the finish line. Shame, shame, shame on the cheaters.

–  My memories of those five Marathon are some of the sweetest in this addled brain.  After hanging up my running shoes six years ago, I hung up my five medals and look at them almost every day (especially when these old bones begin to ache).  Completing a marathon is like nothing else.  It is a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.  The down side are blisters and black toes.  Those things go away – but the sweet memories linger. Benny and I waved to all of those anxious Marathoners this morning and I will be watching and cheering for them both a the gym this morning and form my couch.

–  To the Halloween revelers that are stumbling home, I say – do not forget to turn your clocks back an hour.

–  Speaking of Marathons, the seemingly never ending November elections slog on.

–  Jon Stewart joins in the chat about NYC Mayoral race.  It is all about term limits.  Must watch.

–  Jon Stewart also looks at how the Fox opinion shows influence Fox “news” reporting. “See the Fox opinion guy’s outrage becomes the ’some say’ source for the newsside. It’s a perpetual rerevulsion machine,” explained Stewart.

–  Last week’s visit to the Philadelphia provided some great images and this funny 33 second video I shot of an orangutan playing doctor with a gibbon.

-Boo at the Central Park Zoo for you:




1. Anonymous - December 7, 2009

Very good article thank you for sharing.

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