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I Love the Smell of Voting Booths in the Morning November 3, 2009

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whitehouselobosI love election day.  I have always loved politics and was raised in a very vocal, politically active family. I guess you could say I was genetically built with ranting in my veins. The photo on the left is of my father, my sister and little pudge-ball me standing in front of the White House, circa 1956. Notice how close you could get to the White House in those very innocent days where the only thing to fear was nuclear bombs dropping in your back yard.  Apparently, if you ducked for cover under your school desk – you would be all right.   Election days bubble with the hope of change, upsets and the possibility that everyone in the city (state or country) suddenly thinks like me. (oh, that was just a dream).

So, I grab the front section of the New York Times and head out the door at 7:01AM to vote.  I anticipate long lines like last year (what was I thinking?)  I enter the school where I vote and there it is – an empty gym.  I look around and what do I see?  An overweight NYPD cop busily looking at his Blackberry and two tables of smiling election workers.  They greet me with hearty “hellos” and a loud “welcome.” I said “Where is everybody?”  They laughed and said – “Maybe later.”

I vote straight party line – ALL DEMOCRATS and the head to the gym wondering if this is the year that apathy reigns.  It is too early to tell.

I have never missed an election.  Go out and vote.  It is your civic responsibility.  It feels good.

–  While lumbering on the treadmill at the gym thoughts of election days past flowed through my head.  Here are some standouts:

eagleyes– My first vote was as an absentee in 1964. I had just turned 21 (which was the age to vote back then) and I got to vote for Robert F. Kennedy to be the next Senator for New York State. It was thrilling as my friends stood around our kitchen table in Providence RI and watched me mark my ‘X’ very proudly. My first vote was memorable and we won.  I thought that this was going to be the way it would be always — that we would win. Oy vey – how wrong I was.

yikes– In 1972, my former husband and I were living in North West NJ and were poll watchers for the Nixon – McGovern Presidential race. We stood for hours, working for the Democrats, making sure the voters were not denied their right to vote.  As the day wore on we realized that we were probably the only two that had voted for McGovern.  I remember turning to my husband and saying ‘Let’s move.’

–  In 1980, we were living in California.  I had not even gotten to vote when the media had declared Reagan the winner.  I believe that was the first time I actually saw flames shooting out of my head.  I went to vote anyway. Nothing has ever been the same since that disastrous election day.

–  In 1992, living back in NYC, I met a group of like minded thinkers at the Central Park Zoo.  We were all Bill Clinton backers. I am the only one that is still working at the Zoo but we still are all friends and meet periodically to discuss the politics of the day. I can thank Mark, Linc and Sarah for helping me sort my thoughts which eventually turned itself into the LOBO RANT.

Keep the faith – I have.



1. Carol King - November 3, 2009

I believe that was the first time I actually saw flames shooting out of my head.


2. judylobo - November 3, 2009

Ah, Carol. I do not know whether you are lucky or not to have witnessed the flame shooting head trick on so many an occasion. But happy that you are still around to tell the tale.

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