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The Good, the Bad and the Fuzzy November 4, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Politics.
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fuzzyElection day is always an emotional roller coaster.  I was most nervous about Jon Corzine and guess what?  New Jerseyans decided they wanted the ‘fat guy’ not the ‘rich guy’ to run their state for the next four years. As we say in Yiddish ‘ gey gezunterheyt’ (fine – do whatever you like – don’t listen to me – see if I care’). Living across the river from New Jersey gives me a semi-interest in their politics and lots of laughs about their corruption and scandals.  Sometimes New Jersey makes the crowd in Albany look almost competent. The Jersey crowd has thrown out Corzine.  Let us see what Governor Christie can do with their economy.

I was not at all optimistic about the craziness in upstate New York in the 23rd district.  But I was interest in the Repugnant in-fighting over who was going to be Repugnantly Conservative enough to win the backing of the big shots in their shambles of a party. Democrat Bill Owens took a surprising victory in the special election, winning a House seat that Repugnants had controlled since 1872 and in the process, has probably cause more fighting amongst the Repugnants for control of the party. This is going to be good watching.

Bloomberg did not win by the huge (or as we say in Brooklyn -‘yooge’) margin they thought he would. Only one million New Yorkers came out to vote. Shame on you if you did not vote.  You could not find 10 minutes out of a 15 hour polling day to exercise your right to vote? Bah!  Since he did not win by a huge amount I can already hear the rustling for position by the Democrats who now think 2013 is theirs.  Anthony Weiner?  Is it your turn?

The ugliest vote was out on Maine.  Once again, the bigots, the homophobes and the supposedly Christian believers have denied other people their rights. Maine voters repealed a state law granting same-sex couples the right to marry, defeating an effort by gay activists who hoped the state would become the first to approve gay marriage at the polls. Shame on Maine.

Virginia was not a contest from the beginning.

So what does it all mean?  Who knows?  The blathering TV heads will spin this anyway they choose.  The Dems are already saying it had nothing to do with Obama – well – I am not so sure of that.  The Repugnants will play down NY’s 23rd district in favor of bathering about NJ and Virginia.  I am going on vacation.



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