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Smile – It’s Thanksgiving November 26, 2009

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A very Happy Thanksgiving from my house to your house. Nothing political today. Just some fun.  Everyone needs a break. Click here. And Here.


For those that like games – try to guess whose claws, paws, fingers and toes are whose (answers below the montage).

Claws, Paws, Fingers and Toes –
Left to right:
Row 1: Black bear foot, Lace Monitor hand(?), Capybara foot
Row 2: Puma feet, Monkey hands, Chimpanzee hand
Row 3: Tapir feet, Malaysian Flying Fox, Meerkat hands
Row 4: Cotton-top Tamarin feet, Baboon feet
Row 5: Eagle Talons, Elephant foot
Row 6: Saki MOnkey fot, Turtle Foot, Snow Monkey Hand and Foo



1. Linc - November 27, 2009

happy thanksgiving! I’ve been stuffed like a dead bird, and we’re all going to a drumming circle tonight at a cancer clinic, which should be a blast…

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