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Catch a Tiger in a Lie November 30, 2009

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Raise your hand if you think Tiger Woods is a lying’ sack ‘o shit.  The stories and rumors that have surfaced since his uber-embarrassing one car in his own driveway accident are hilarious.  The latest one I heard this morning was that they think his wife went after him with one of his golf clubs. How karmic is that?  Oh boy – Tiger is not out of the Woods just yet, but this story has me chuckling.

–  Speaking of liars – what about those Obama State dinner party crashers?  Is Barbarians at the Gate a good call?  Apparently Obama’s death threats are up 400% over George W. Bush’ (which makes me scratch my head) and yet the Secret Service is not on their toes.  Shame on them.  I would be most happy if the ‘media’ had a black out over the gate-crashing couple, Tareq and Michaela Salahi.  Now THAT would be karmic justice for this celebrity obsessed couple.

–  I am also about to have my head explode over tomorrow night’s Afghanistan speech by President Obama.  I do not like what he is about to do at all – no I do not.

Speaking of lyin’ – here is a one year old lion, named Moxie. Below the photo montage is the cutest little surprised kitty ever.



1. Linc - November 30, 2009

I’m shocked….shocked…that the world’s greatest golfer, who has been surrounded by a good ol’ boy lifestyle and network all his life…..possibly had a fling with a model/hostess/call girl…..I bet he’s getting high fived by every married golfer he meets…. and the gate crashers??? I had a Bond movie running in my head….the blonde woman shakes Obama’s hand, poisoning him on the spot, then whips out an Uzi and shoots her way out of there….
and I worry about more troops…..and more troops….and more troops….

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