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Sounds of Silence December 7, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Dogs and cats, Photography, Politics, Videos.
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Most of my friends share my political views (at least they do when chatting with me).  A few are socially liberal but fiscally conservative (it makes for fewer arguments with me when you are socially liberal). One long time friend, who lives in New Mexico and refuses to discuss politics at all, came to stay with me last week.  At first I was a bit unhinged.  What do I wail about?  How can a pound the table while perusing the headlines?  Who will put out the flames that shoot from my head when the Dreadfulcrats do something else to make me nuts?

Guess what?  It turns out we had a blast. I took a political vacation, became a New York City tourist along with my guest and had some fun.  We did find that scandal was the common denominator and we had fun watching the Tiger Woods debacle unfold on a daily basis and we also laughed heartily at the adventures of Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

So why am I telling you all about this?  Well, my house guest has gone home and I am back.  It turns out the flames shooting from my head were only on simmer and have started to flame again.

By the way – my New Mexico friend fell madly in love with my dog Benny and told me that my photos of him do not capture his charm.  I loved when she said that.

I took the photo above while downtown, outside of the American Indian Museum.  I liked that little green shoot of life growing on the solemn statue.

The employees put together this video to generate breast cancer awareness throughout their hospital system.



1. slamdunk - December 7, 2009

Nice photo–the green is a surprise.

2. karen - December 7, 2009

Love the photo, what a serendipitous find! Just out of curiosity, why does the American Indian Museum have a statue of a bare breasted figure leaning against what appears to be the Egyptian sphinx and a lion?

3. judylobo - December 7, 2009

The American Indian Museum in Lower Manhattan used to be the US Customs House so those huge, European type statues surrounding the building have nothing whatsoever to do with American Indians.

4. Carol King - December 7, 2009

One time Matt disagreed with you and you rolled your eyes so hard they almost came out of your head!

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