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Slam Spam, Thank You Ma’am December 9, 2009

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So yesterday morning, I was doing my usual pre-dawn e-mailing when suddenly my outgoing mail ceases. A very annoying and persistent drop down dialog box kept telling me I cannot send any mail.  I performed the usual tasks of restarting the computer, unplugging all of the connections, loud cursing and then directly on to obsessing.

I used my woefully inadequate judylobo@gmail.com as a back up.  It is inadequate because my address book is out of date and I do not like the aesthetics of the program.

Deciding there were more important things to do I went off to a movie.  Upon returning late afternoon, my mail program was still not working. I bit the bullet, sat down with a beverage (non-alcoholic) and phoned the Time Warner Road Runner help line.

Did you know that if you cough while speaking to the automated voice they immediately transfer you to a live person?  The live person needed to know everything all over again but sadly, the Bangalore office could not help me and he switched me over to another live person – this time out of the Philippines.

After umpteen efforts, this lovely young man tells me I have been flagged as a spammer by the Road Runner security team. Spammer, I yammer?  Huh?  He says that anyone who sends thousands of e-mails out a day is flagged as a spammer.  I laughed and said that all of my e-mails were either personal or a subscription based list that was surely not in the thousands – not even close.

Now what?  He has me fill out a security team form which ended up immediately telling me that this ‘issue’ would be resolved within two business days.

The poor young man was more upset than I was when I told him what type of e-mail I send out.  It almost seemed as if he wanted to be on one of my lists. He thanked me profusely and wanted to know if there was anything else he could do for me.  Oh, where should I begin, I thought.

I shut down, walked the dog and when I came home – guess what?  My mail program was functioning just fine.  So – is it an NSA, CIA, FBI plot?  Or does shit just happen.



1. jimmyboi2 - December 9, 2009

He took pity on you, his gods b epraised, and pout you to the top of the list! Very nic eresolution to a nagging problem. We’v ehad crashes in the past– I died the first time I lost stuff– mostly pictures– but now I just don’t care anymore; my writing is on a separate disk as backup, and if all my old eMail evasporates again: GOOD !! Saves me the trouble of going through the select and delete process!

2. bumper sticker - December 9, 2009

It’s a World Wide Web plot! (That sounds even scarier than CIA.)

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