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Hanukkah Shmanukkah 5770 -PostScript December 14, 2009

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In years gone by, the Empire State Building was lit up blue and white only for the first night of Hanukkah.  Guess what?  Another Hanukkah Miracle has occurred. The Empire State Building will be lit up blue and white for the entire eight nights. Check out this site.

It turns out that my Hanukkah Shmanukkah 5770 post of last Friday was quite a hit.  As you already know from my own loud horn tooting, WordPress has featured that particular post on its home page for the past four days.  Do I think they will keep it on through the entire eight days of Hanukkah?  Absolutely not – there are Hanukkah Miracles and there are Hanukkah Miracles.  But it has been fun.  In the past three days I have had over 4000 visitors to this post.  Is this figure somewhat intimidating?  You bet it is. Will it make me waver in what I post in the future?  Absolutely not.

In no particular order I answer some of the comments and questions I have received:

1.  My dog Benny and cat Madison allow me to put silly costumes on them.  The outfits were not Photoshopped onto their adorableness.  Benny the dog is much more cooperative, in general,  since he understands the concept of treats. Madison the cat, could not care less (about anything).  My friend Carol is sure that Benny sometimes snaps at people because I dress him in silly outfits.  I do not agree.

2. I’ve gotten lots of mail and only one disgusting anti-semitic comment that I quickly deleted from the ‘comments’ section of the blog.

3.  The Jewish Calendar is on a lunar cycle.  Therefore, as we say, the holidays are either early or they are late – but they are never on time.

4.  Lots of people seem to have ‘Jewish’ as one of their Google alerts.

5. Many people comment in order to promote their own blogs.  And why not, I say?

6.  I have been renamed Wendy WordPress by a loyal friend.

7.  One longtime political pal told me his autistic student sang the dreidel song.  He was psyched.

8. I am not the only one that stores their menorah in the freezer.

9.  Hard to believe but a few people asked me for permission to forward my post along to their friends.

10.  For those that have asked – my Hanukkah candles last about an hour and I clean out the wax each night with an ice pick.

11. Someone said ‘What about some more music’? So – here it is – a hard rock remix of the Hanukkah song, Sevivon.

12. And more Members of the Tribe here.

13. Finally, my friend Mary (not Jewish) has decorated her Christmas tree in a unique way this year.



1. isralike - December 14, 2009

The Enpire State building! Wow. The Maccabim wouldn’t have dreamt of that I guess. Those modern Greeks of today (compared to American impact of our everyday life the Greeks were nothing!) pay tribute to the fading Jewish people…. Well, anyways… Did they go mad or is it always like that in the US? I’d say ” What else would support the Israel Lobby theory” if not the ESB in Israeli colours….

Question: do they lighten the ESB in green when it’s Ramadan or ‘Eid time? 😉

Kinda mean, my statement, I know….


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