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First – Do No Harm December 17, 2009

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I am so disgusted with the handling of the health care ‘reform’ bill in Congress that I am am about to concede the 2010 midterm elections.  The Dreadfulcrats are so incompetent perhaps they deserve to dwell in minority hell.  I  blame the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for their collective lack of leadership.  They have allowed a few in the fold to control the debate and have not been called out on their obscene ties to the Insurance Industry.  I agree with Howard Dean that this Senate bill, in its present form, needs to be thrown out. Reconciliation should be called upon and with a vote of only 51, we can pass a real reform bill and move on to other more pressing concerns like -jobs.

‘Progressives’ is the term du jour for ‘Liberals’. Okay – I will not argue over titles.  The most frustrating and the best part of being a progressive is that there is dialogue.  You could send the entire day reading progressive opinions for and against the health care bill in its present form.  Here is a good summary from FireDogLake. com as Jon Walker answers Nate Silver’s 20 questions.

For the policy wonks out there – Nate Silver has responded to Jon Walker’s responses here.

Keith Olbermann gave a Special Commentary on last night’s program on this issue:
Part 1-

Part 2:

After all of these mind exploding issues, who does not need a smile or two?



1. Bonnie Luria - December 17, 2009

First – do no harm. You think they understood the difference between the HippocrAtic oath and the HippocrItic oath?!!!

If you weren’t sick before……..

2. BungalowBILL - December 17, 2009

Obama should apply what he said during his Nobel Peace Prize lecture to here as well. There is evil in the USA and no amount of talking and and appeasing will stop them. Some fights are just. This is one. It’s now proven we can do what they want and they will STILL vote against it (yes, you Lieberman). Forcing Americans to buy health care at whatever price the Insurance companies want is not reform.

If the Democrats can’t keep themselves in line to do what is right, they deserve to lose. Pelosi is better at keeping control than Reid or Obama

3. bumper sticker - December 17, 2009

Reconciliation is limited in scope — you can’t do the insurance industry regulation changes such as denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions. You can, however, use reconciliation to provide a Medicare buy-in for those between the ages of 55 and 65. (Perhaps even with a threat to extend it further if the insurance industry doesn’t get costs under control). So, for my 2 cents, pass the bill to get the insurance industry regulation changes and then use reconciliation to provide a competitive alternative — at least for those over 55. I don’t understand why folks are talking about these things as either/or alternatives. I think using both alternatives is the way to go.

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