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Did the Fat Lady Just Sing for Rudy? December 23, 2009

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Did I hear the fat lady singing ‘adios’ to Rudy Giuliani? I think I did.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy – when will your head get so big it will actually explode?  Here is our former ego-in-chief of NYC announcing that he will NOT run for either Senator or Governor of New York in 2010.  This man is so impressed with himself that he cannot afford to serve the people anymore because he is too busy serving himself.  So what has changed you ask?  Simply the fact that he is unelectable at this point in time (if ever again) and refuses to get off of the stage.  He has many people throwing money at him and he just adores the limelight and the cash. He is all over the place still spouting his middle name – which is 9/11.  He even was one of the few to support Tiger Woods during his latest thud. The idea of this man getting a deal as a talk show host is over the top. All I can say is that Kirstin Gillibrand is one lucky gal.  She is now running, essentially, unopposed in 2010, to serve a six year term as New York Senator.  Jacob Javits is rolling over in his grave.

In a related matter – here is Media Matters 2009 Misinformer of the Year Award.



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