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Throwing in the Towel and Getting Out of Town January 6, 2010

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It is that time of year when your Congressperson or Senator looks at the numbers, looks at the competition, looks at the back account and decides whether it is time to mount another race or throw in the towel.

Chris Dodd decided to throw in the towel and is not seeking re-election in 2010.  He was facing a tough race in 2010 and would have most likely lost.  Unlike other Connecticut politicians – that would be YOU, Joe Loserman, he has the  grace to know when to step down. The New York Times has an easy to view time line of Dodd’s interesting and at times juicy gossip career (including a time when he was in-between marriages and dated such celebrities as Bianca Jagger and Carrie Fisher). The good news is that attorney general Richard Blumenthal, a democrat, will probably run and is very popular.

Sadly, the same can not be said for North Dakota, as Senator Byron Dorgan, a Democrat, is also stepping down.  There is not a chance in hell that the Dems will retain this seat.  If the Democrats want to have that 60 seat vote on any other major legislation they had better get cracking because it is sure to be gone in 2010.  FYI – Senator  Dorgan’s surprise announcement came as news to his own staff whom he informed — via email — just 15 minutes before releasing a public statement announcing that he wouldn’t seek reelection.

In another Senate race it looks like Scott Brown, a Republican, is just nine points behind Martha Coakley, a Democrat,  in the Massachusetts Senate fight for 2010. How strange would it be if Ted Kennedy’s seat fell to a Repugnant?  Talk about turning over in one’s grave.

–  Getting out of town – that would be me.  I am off to the Left Coast for a short while.  I will get to see first hand how things have changed at the airports since the Christmas Day botched attempt by that 23 year old wacko. I always get an aisle seat – but, as you know, the airlines are crazy these days and this could happen to me.

March of the Senators:



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