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Joy on K Street January 22, 2010

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You cannot underestimate the staggering blow to democracy that was accomplished by the conservative side of the Un-Supreme Court yesterday.  Their 5 to 4 decision to grant corporations a new and uber-powerful status will change everything that you know and love/hate about our political process.  The Roberts Court has granted corporations the same status as ‘people’ and therefore has First Amendment privileges. Corporations can now, without limits, abort the democratic process by throwing as much money as they want in support of or against candidates that do not do their bidding.  Watch out for those now joyful lobbyists on K Street who will threaten any politician that does not do their bidding. They can outspend, outwit and outlast any candidate’s pocket.

–  Alan Grayson of Florida has already floated five bills to help thwart this insane decision and you can go to his new website, savedemocracy.net and sign the petition to ‘Save Our Democracy.’ I did. Barney Frank intends to also try to put some roadblocks in the way of these corporations.

–  Keith Olbermann goes a bit far with his opinion but it is worth watching.  Be afraid — be very afraid.

–  Here is Keith speaking with Jonathan Turley on the subject.  I did not agree with Turley and his ‘free speech’ advocacy, but thought you should listen:



1. Anonymous - January 22, 2010

What? No responses yet? Judy, I think your loyal readers have been stunned into (I hope temporary) silence. First “41” and now this. It’s too much to handle in the space of 2 days. Are we truly doomed as a nation?

2. Cousin Judy - January 22, 2010

Staggering is the right word for this horrible decision. Thanks for sharing Grayson’s petition, we’ll sign and pass it on. I’ve also emailed our two Democratic senators to urge them to remember who’s in the majority and get a health care bill passed.

3. Klein - January 22, 2010

Drop everything and attend to this critical situation. We will now identify each congressman or president by which corporation bought him, GE, Exxon, Goldman Sachs.etc. No need to go to the voting polls, the corporations will get what they paid for.

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