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Don’t Clap, Don’t Stand January 28, 2010

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So it seems that the Ship of State needs a little tweaking, a course correction as they say, right Mr. President?  When I wrote in this space the other day about President Obama, I said that ‘I was appalled, frustrated and uber-disappointed with this flailing administration and put the blame directly on the shoulders of President Obama – his an inability to get tough, make the big decisions that need to be made and slam the hammer down.  He waffles, wavers, gives lovely speeches but cannot seem to rally the Dreadfulcrats in Congress or the American populace’

Last night’s first State of the Union address reminded what I liked about this President.  He is smart, sincere, determined and very likable. I admit to being moved by his speech, unlike the Repugnants who had their asses Krazy-Glued to their seats. They mostly held to their mantra ‘Don’t Clap, Don’t Stand.’  AS the party of ‘no’ they are very determined to stick to their war weary policies of doing nothing and seeing how it goes.

I wish this President well and hope that the Dreadfulcrats can get their collective acts together to pass some needed legislation with their overwhelming majorities in both Houses of Congress before the midterm elections.  November 2010 is a long time away and we have a good chance of righting the course, standing up tall and being proud of doing the right thing.  As President Obama said last night ‘we don’t quit.’  Keep the faith.

My sitting up straight, eyes popping out of my head  moment came when Justice ‘I don’t belong on the bench’ Alito fell out of the collective Supreme Court Justice coma and said “(That’s) not true” when President Obama criticized the recent Supreme Court decision permitting corporations to buy unlimited ads to influence elections.

A sad farewell to the remarkable Howard Zinn:



1. Gloria - January 28, 2010

I agree. Listening to the speech last night almost gave me hope that we could get something done as a nation. The speech was inspiring. Unfortunately the cold reality is that we did not wake up in a new world this morning. The same clowns that have been driving us to dispair still populate the House and the Senate.
And the Alito moment! What on earth is the thought process that allows him to utter “That’s not true.” Of course it’s true! It was breathtaking in its audacity.

2. cruthlarson - February 3, 2010

Thank you for the farewell to Howard Zinn

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