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Lost and Found January 30, 2010

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It’s always something, isn’t it?  At 6AM this morning, on my way out of my building to walk my dog, Benny, the doorman tells me he saw a loose dog in the adjacent courtyard overnight.  “What kind of dog”, I say – “a pit bull?”  He said “it looked like a boxer puppy”. I sighed and said “keep me informed.”

At 6:45AM my phone rings. “We see the dog – do you have a crate?” the doorman says.

Like a woman possessed I run to the lobby with my cat carrying crate. The doorman, two building porters and I try to capture one very frightened small dog.  It took about 15 minutes but we managed to capture her and put her in the carrying case.

I recognized her immediately as the ‘LOST DOG’  I had seen on many lamp posts in the neighborhood for the past several days. We ran to the dog park to get one of the posters.  Her name is ‘GIA’ and she had been missing for five days.  We phoned the number on the ‘LOST DOG’ poster but only got a voice mail. We also phoned the microchip number on the poster to no avail.

She was shivering and frightened. It has been brutally cold in NYC these past few days and nights. I brought her some of Benny’s food and water. She wolfed everything down.  I gave her one of Benny’s toys and she immediately put her head on it and began to fall asleep.

I brought GIA up to my apartment and fell in love in about three minutes.  She ate two bowls of Benny’s food, and managed to scare my cat (which is not easy to do).  She spotted Benny’s overflowing toy box and went crazy for all of the half eaten bones.

I phoned the number on the poster once again and finally got her Dad, Sacha.  He was thrilled and started to cry.  He was working in LA but assured me that his team of friends were in the neighborhood putting up more ‘LOST DOG’ posters and would be at my apartment momentarily.

More photos were taken, lots of dog kisses were received and before you know it, little GIA was retrieved and nestled into the arms of a good friend of her Dads.

It’s always something.  This time – it was a good something.



1. Erica - January 30, 2010

Oh, this made me cry. I am so happy Gia was found by YOU! What a sweetheart (both you and Gia)! I haven’t had Phoebe microchiped yet. Is it worth doing? She has tags and she’s only off-leash in the park, but who knows, maybe one day she’d get away somehow. (Ugh, the thought of that makes me ill.) I’m so glad Gia was found.

2. Bonnie Luria - January 30, 2010

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, the happy ending, the fact that people , no not people LIKE you but YOU are at the ready to help animals where and when needed.
I can totally imagine what her owner feels like.
What a punim on that pup and what a good boy Benny is to so graciously share his toys, his house and his mom.

3. Jude - January 30, 2010

What a wonderful Mitzvah!
Thank you for saving this little Gia and giving her lots of love.
Bravo to Benny & Madison to sharing their home for short while.
You deserve a drink for this, especially on this cold. cold day!

4. Anonymous - January 30, 2010

What a great story! And Gia is such a cutie.

5. bumper sticker - January 30, 2010

That “anonymous” was me. Looks like the web site doesn’t recognize me anymore. I’m crushed.

6. Tamara - January 30, 2010

You’ve warmed my heart!

7. Helen - January 30, 2010

Wonderful story! All of you (doorman, porters, you, Benny, etc) did a great job. Ummm – has Benny asked when/if she will return??? xoxo

8. Don - January 31, 2010


9. Shelley Cassie - February 3, 2010

Marcia was kind enough to share this with me. What a fabulous story.
Love happy endings

10. Shelley Cassie - February 3, 2010

I guess my message gto lost. I said that Marsha was kinf enough to share this with me,
What a fabulous story. I LOVE happy endings.

11. Graca Clifford - February 7, 2010




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