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Zoos and Bold Faced Names February 15, 2010

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Photography, wildlife, Zoos.
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Zoos are a great place for spotting bold faced names.  Having been a volunteer at the Central Park Zoo for over 20 years I can attest to that fact. There is an anonymity about a zoo that works for a celebrity because most of the people are looking at the animals and not at the other zoo visitors.

Anyway, while out walking my dog, Benny around 7PM last night I missed a phone call from my nephew in-law. (Anyone know what you actually call a guy who is married to one’s niece)?  It was Mike, excitedly calling from his car on the way home from the Oakland Zoo, that he just e-mailed me a photo of someone he met at the zoo. I immediately opened my trusty MacBook Pro to find the above photo of Mike smiling along with  Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos.

MIke told me when I phoned that the family, after completing their Zoo visit, was taking advantage of the kiddy rides directly adjacent to the zoo, when he spotted what he thought was someone he knew.  After a closer inspection he realized in was Markos Moulitsas and uncharacteristically approached him.  He acknowledged the fact that it, indeed, was the Daily Kos guy, and Mike’s sister, Jen took this photo.  Mike, his sister Jen and I are big fans of Markos. Very, very cool.

FYI – Markos used to be a Republican but changed his allegiance after a stint in the army.

My own favorite Zoo happenstance was a few years ago when I spotted a scruffy looking Keith Olbermann and his lady friend by the polar bear habitat.  I took a photo through the glass at the other side of the exhibit and then approached them.  We had a long chit chat about our polar bears, Gus and ida, and then I told him I was a BIG fan and thanked him for his work.



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