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A New York State of Mind February 28, 2010

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It is a tossup between the massive snow storm (hey, it is WINTER) that fell on New York and the devastating earthquake in Chile (hey, Chile is located on a major Fault line) but I noticed that our coifed and silly local news stations did not get around to announcing that our two year Governor, David Paterson, has ended his campaign for another term.  In fact, it was 16 minutes after the hour that this big story was featured on the telly.  Is another snow storm in winter that BIG a deal that our Governor’s quitting the race was not first in the TV evening news line up?

–  The state of our State is in a shambles.  The impotent ass-wipes in Albany have until the end of March to come up with a budget. Raise your hand if you think that is going to go smoothly.  Our Lt. Governor, Richard Ravitch, who was appointed by Paterson, may just wind up in the Governor’s seat if Paterson’s incompetency goes any deeper and the investigation into his shenanigans with the State Police uncovers more corruption.

–  Our clever and coy Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo (I refer to him as the Guv in Waiting) is still stalling for that perfect moment when he decides to throw his hat in the ring.  Of course, he is now in charge of investigating Paterson and the State Police.

–  How many out there miss Eliot Spitzer? Sigh.

–  Of course, we also have Charlie Rangel who continues to wield his Chairman’s gavel in an unrepentant fashion.   Do not forget about Harold Ford, Jr, who is also dicking around with the idea of running for the uber-protected Kirsten Gillibrand‘s seat.  Oh Hillary, where hath you gone?

This is how I visualize the New York Gang in Albany – slowly screwing all of us:

For a sweet change, take a look at some fabulous faces from my recent visit to the Miami Metrozoo.



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