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Ford Puts on the Brakes March 2, 2010

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No, this is not a post about cars.  It is about another of my pet peeve issues – the upcoming race (or non-race) for the New York Senate  seat once occupied by Hillary Clinton. Harold Ford has decided NOT to challenge the hand picked Kirsten Gillibrand because as he says “while I am convinced I could prevail against Ms. Gillibrand, I feared the winner of the primary would have little money and remain highly vulnerable to a well-financed Republican challenger at a time when the Democratic party controls the Senate by a slim majority.”  Oh, puleeze.

I am suggesting as he did that he would have won a primary battle but it would have been nice if someone were able to challenge Ms Gillibrand.  It pisses me off that the powers that be and all of the muckety mucks have tapped Ms. GIllibrand and no one, and they mean no one is to mess with their selection.

Here is what Ford wrote in the New York Times’ Op/Ed page today.

My favorite New Yorker is Anthony Weiner, US Congressman.  I would vote for him for any office that he might want to hold.



1. Bonnie Luria - March 2, 2010

No wanky Weiner, that Anthony.
Sheeeesh, do we need more of him!
Didn’t you greet him at Pride Parade last summer?

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