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Me? An Opinion? March 9, 2010

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Today the first of Antony Gormleys 31 life-sized figures was installed on top of 204 Fifth Avenue, the home of Pentagram Design’s New York offices.  The art will surround Madison Square Park.

I took Benny, my dog, out to watch the installation with me.  He peed on a tree while I was being interviewed by someone from the press. She asked me if I had an opinion about the art.  I chuckled to myself, ‘Me? An opinion?’  I think she was sorry she asked as I rattled on and on about public art ( which I like) and art in general.  She asked if people walking by might be afraid of the art.  I said very articulately, ‘Huh?’  She said that maybe people would think they were jumpers.  I laughed heartily.

Anyhow – it is a very cool installation.  There will be a total of 31 sculptures overlooking Madison Square Park with four life sized sculptures at ground level.

As Benny and I turned to go I see Harold Ford. Jr coming my way (I was the only one to notice him and there were people from the press all around the area).  He was yakking away on his iPhone, dressed most handsomely in a dark suit.  I stopped him and said ‘You should have hung in there. You should not have let Kirsten Gillibrand off of the hook.’  He told the person on the other end of the phone to wait a minute.  He looked me in the eye and said ‘Thank you Ma’am – I appreciate that and I will be back.’ He took my hand and gave me a firm handshake. In all of the excitement I forgot to take his picture.



1. Anonymous - March 10, 2010

Do I see Harold J. Ford’s PR manager????

2. joanna - March 25, 2010

“He peed on a tree while I was being interviewed by someone from the press.” – that was simply hillarious. Anyway, I can get that the sculpure’s are a very good idea and all, but I think you should’ve taken not only Ford’s picture but many other souvenirs. And you should have taken the picture of your hand, the one he squeezed. That would be the professional manner. Just kidding, funny article.

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