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Shower Curtain Geography April 8, 2010

Posted by judylobo in maps, Photography, Politics.

I love maps.  I could stare at maps all day.  I love maps so much that I have shower a curtain that displays the entire world (if you discount the polar regions).  I like t stare at maps and think about where I have been and where I would like to go next.  The news about the coup in Kyrgyzstan made me wonder exactly where this latest trouble spot was located.  Knowing that it was one of the ‘Stans’ gave me a pretty good idea where it was but  my shower curtain revealed all to me faster than a Google search.  Our military base is important to ‘us’ for apparent reasons – location, location, location.  This will most likely sort itself out sooner rather than later. There is nothing we won’t promise (to a new dictatorship)  in order to keep one of our many military bases open and operating.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, enjoy my shower curtain.



1. Anonymous - April 8, 2010

I usually shave my legs right behind Tajikistan.

2. Anonymous - April 8, 2010

Why’d I come through as anonymous? It’s Schmezzie.

3. judylobo - April 8, 2010

Not sure why wordpress decided one of my favorite house guests is ‘anonymous’ – she is surely not anonymous to me. Here is her wonderful website – http://bonnieluria.wordpress.com/

4. Carol King - April 8, 2010

While I have never shaved my legs behind any of the “stan” countries (I’m shorter than Bonnie), I too, enjoy maps and always enjoy looking at your shower curtain whenever I find myself in that area of your apartment.

5. Gloria - April 8, 2010

I LOVE the geography lesson. Who would have thunk that you could figure out where one country is in relation to another depending on what body part you can shave standing next to a map!
And it says something about how desperate we are for friends in that area if landlocked Kyrgysztan is so vital to us for military purposes.

6. jimmyboi2 - April 8, 2010

I love maps too… my house is FULL of them. I, however, do not have a shower curtain map… and it’s high time I got one. I want to stand next to Italy in the shower and compare peninsulas !

7. mary - April 8, 2010

Why, that shower curtain is where I learned the capital of Madagascar! I’ve never shaved behind it, only left smelling clean from anonymous’ left behind products.

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