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Supremely Aggravating April 11, 2010

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Here we go again. I am a Court watcher. I have palpitations thinking about this next fight for the vacancy on the Court. I hope that President Obama does not take the wimpy, low road with his next selection.  I want a Liberal (with a capital ‘L’) on that Court to battle the heavy-weighted Conservative side of the Court. We are already living with the consequences of what this Conservative Court is doing (and I am not speaking of Bush V Gore, which still makes my head explode).  The conservative Court is siding with big business and corporations against the little guy. If another seat is taken by a Supreme who does not empathize with ‘we’ the people, we are surely doomed. The Supreme Court has a website and there is a blog (not surprising, of course dedicated to the Supreme Court.  There is even a Supreme Court Historical Society.

A President’s Supreme Court choice changes the course of the country and its future.  It should not be taken lightly or easily. The Repugnants are already threatening to filibuster, delay, stall and otherwise deny the President his choice (even before he has selected someone).  The Repugnants have to choose their battles before the midterm elections.  Do they really want to send the summer doing battle over a nominee to the Court?  Will the Tea Party care?  Are placards already being printed up?  What idiocy will Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin dream up to spew venom over Obama’s choice.  Whatever it is – it will surely fit on a bumper sticker.

–  Justice John Paul Stevens was a selection by Republican President Gerald R. Ford. By the way, Justice Stevens is the only Protestant left on the Court. I hope Obama does not think he has to fill his seat with another Protestant.  Religion should not be a litmus test.  Although, if he does pick a Catholic, that would make six Catholics on the Court. Oy! During Gerald Ford’s era Republicans were mostly moderate (except for the flamers). Over the years Justice Stevens seemed to turn into a Liberal but he insists that the rest of the Court became more Conservative and he never changed.  Jonathan Turley writes about Justice Stevens.

–  There is a fine column in DemConWatch.com about the President’s upcoming decision.

–  From yesterday’s New York Times is an article called An Honor Justice Stevens Might Rather Forget. “In 1998, the court was asked to review the constitutionality of the drive to crack down on adult clubs and shops by the administration of the mayor at the time, Rudolph W. Giuliani. The industry’s lawyers asked the court to delay the enforcement efforts while the justices considered the case. Justice Stevens granted a legal stay.
The strip club Scores was so grateful that it renamed its Champagne Room the John Paul Stevens Room“.

–  If you missed Rachel Maddow’s show on Friday night here is her 11 minutes on Justice Stevens and previous fights for nominees. Good TV.

–  Jon Stewart does a number on John McCain’s denying he is a Maverick.  Funny stuff.

– We’re Not Only Merely Sad, We’re Really Most Sincerely Sad – a farewell to Meinhardt Raabe, the Munchkin Coroner from “The Wizard Of Oz,” who passed away at age 94.



1. BungalowBILL - April 11, 2010

I hate to see Stevens go, but if he has to, now would be better than when Sarah Palin is in charge ( Court Supreme means I get fries and a diet Pepsi with that, right? ). Unfortunately it does put into question whether people think Obama will get a second term.

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