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Doink Doink May 15, 2010

Posted by judylobo in art, Photography, Videos.

Ripped from the headlines!  I heard the rumor of the demise of Law & Oder the other day but preferred denial rather than acceptance.  However, when I glanced at the headlines screaming from the Arts section of the New York Times today – I knew it was true.  The original series, Law & Order has been canceled by NBC before it goes into its 21st season.

I am going to miss the show even though it will live on in syndicated reruns for years to come.  I will miss laughing at the fake addresses that usually end up in the East River or the Hudson River.  I will miss seeing if the dates that are flashed on the screen coincide with familiar birthdays.  I will miss all of the murders at Hudson University. I will miss trying to guess what neighborhood which the  episode was filmed.  I will miss seeing my park, my block and even my building in episodes.  Several of my friends have appeared in episodes and that was great fun to see them.

I liked each and every cast – some more than others.  The experience of watching Law & Order was familiar, dependable and comforting.  Watching a rerun allowed me to read the paper or a magazine and not miss anything.

When you go to a Broadway show and read the bios of the actors in the Playbill, almost every actor lists an appearance in Law & Order in their resume.  Oh, NBC, what hath you wrought with this lame decision?

Yes, there will be a spin-off that takes place in Los Angeles, but it will not the same.

There are several blogs devoted to the series.  There is one called All Things Law & Order,  and two friends of mine, Sarah and Tony,  have one called Blawg and Order. You can check them out for amazing detail and trivia.

The only good thing I can think about this decision is now my DVR will be a little bit emptier.  But what will I record? Aurgh.




1. Bonnie Luria - May 15, 2010

Law and Order was the incubator for as many actors in it’s day as the Twilight Zone was in it’s time. I also have a pal who starred in an episode and didn’t know it until I heard her voice and ran into the living room and saw her on the screen.
As to neighborhood filming and how much a part of the Upper West Side it used to be, I was nicely asked to move by a crew member while filming took place on my old block – 89th st.
The reason was Saucy, my parrot, on my shoulder while we went to Riverside Park. She squawked and their mike picked up the sound. It was Jerry Orbach who came over to me and said ” nice bird ” with a big thumbs up.

I’ve loved that show for years. And as well, your comment about the phony addresses that indeed were in the river.

2. Carol King - May 16, 2010

I loved your comment about the fake addresses that would really be in one of the rivers.

L & O also filmed quite a bit downtown where I worked, sometimes they even used our offices! That was always an exciting day when they came to film. Plus, it was a City office. It was free to use and really, how busy could City workers be???

I also have to add that I’m now FIXATED on the fact that:
1. Bonnie had a parrot named Saucy
2. Bonnie walked around with it on her shoulder!!!!

Was she also a pirate? F I X A T E D !

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