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Remiss, Bothered and Bewildered May 19, 2010

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Thud.  Okay, I said it. I was REMISS. I totally overlooked my usual obsession with the conclusion of the Bernie ‘THUD’ Kerik scenario as he walked the walk and left for a four year term in prison.  He was kicking and screaming along the way.  See ya’ Bernie.  Sadly, he is not going with some of his cronies who should be locked up along with him.

The oil spill has also BOTHERED me to no end but there is so much guilt to go around I could not focus on a target. Ken Salazar’s appearance before the Senate yesterday was a joke.  Go Bernie Sanders.

–  I have been totally BEWILDERED by a number of things these past few weeks. Perhaps being on the road for almost two weeks allowed my brain to lose some of its synapses.

–  In no particular order – the ‘papers, please’ insanity in Arizona is apparently popular with people over 50 (not me) and curious to younger Americans. That seems clear enough.  Young people are not afraid of people who do not look like them and perhaps, just perhaps, they enjoy the diversity rather than the boring homogeneity.

–  The Tea Party still makes me laugh.  Their unfocused, yet loud rage gets too much attention from the media (just like Sarah Palin).  The targets of their focused rage  seems to be Repugnants who do not fit the bill as Uber-Conservatives.  A few did fine in yesterday’s Primaries, but  the general election in November is far away and much can happen.  Those Independent voters are not as radical as the screaming meemies with tea bags hanging from their hats.  Stay tuned.

–  In a head scratching moment, yesterday’s news included the fact that Bristol Palin is hitting the lecture circuit. Her main topic?  Teen pregnancy. ‘The 19-year-old has signed with a firm called Single Source Speakers and is expected to earn between $15,000 and $30,000 per speaking gig’. Good grief.

Just for fun, check out this armadillo:



1. wendy - May 19, 2010

What? You can get $30,000 for telling teens how to get pregnant? Where do I sign up?

2. Raul Alanis - May 19, 2010

Wow…so making money off getting pregnant….what kind of message does that send? “Kids, don’t be like me and get pregnant as a teen…it will only lead to large amounts of money given to you for sharing your story.”


3. dave - May 19, 2010

Gee…Taxpaying carpenter family with two kids grosses $40K – pays taxes, health ins, food and rent. Net is $5K for everything else. Non-taxpaying illegal family with two kids makes $30K cash, gets food stamps, rent voucher, free schooling, free health thru ER all because he works for cash only and has earned income tax credit for being below the poverty line… Net is $15K to keep/send back.

By the way, if he commits a felony, illegals don’t go to jail – they get deported and can come right back in six weeks. Legals go to jail for six years.

Now, let’s see – legals pay to use schools, support ER healthcare for illegals, food stamps, rent vouchers… And illegals compete with legals cause they work the system and work for less in cash.

Want to know why they come? Economics, my brother. It ain’t about checking papers, it’s about charging them the same as the rest of us pay. Checking papers just makes it easier to collect what they owe…

4. Rohit - May 19, 2010

What kind of message are you planning to convey?

5. vintagejenta - May 19, 2010

The scary thing about the Tea Party? The Nazi party won just a few legislative seats to begin with and everyone dismissed them as fringe radicals who would never get any real power. And we all know how that story ended.

That being said, thankfully my generation seems to actually like people who are different from them, so hopefully the sins of the previous generations will die with them.

6. lifeaftereighty.wordpresss.com - May 19, 2010

Scarey, isn’t it? How we’ve become a society of gossip-mongers?

7. 4initalia - May 20, 2010


Oh, I am SOOO in rant mode after the Bristol Palin item. To recap: Teenager gets pregnant, hits the abstinence circuit, and is paid more than some people make in a year to tell teens to…not get pregnant. How is that worth $30K? This kid who knows nothing is being paid to bestow her great wisdom. Kids who finish high school, go to college, eventually have kids, who will pay them $30K to talk about that? Message? Why be responsible, when being a moron is so profitable?

Bristol Palin was a great diversion from my rant on my blog, about allowing photographers into the hospital room of the little boy who was the sole survivor of the Libyan plane crash. Why were photographers allowed in his room??? The next day, MSNBC featured a video of a mom who was swept to sea after pushing her son to safety. What’s the difference between purveyors of snuff films and online media? Sanctimonious anchors who introduce the video.

Arrrgh……but thanks for a great blog!

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9. Songbird - May 20, 2010

Ok- Bristol Palin as a public speaker…. well, I suppose cannot blame her, if she can get that sort of money….

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