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Cinco de Benny June 18, 2010

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Today is five years since I adopted my dog, Benny. I know, I know – you are most likely saying to yourselves ‘only five years?’ Yes, it is true that I have taken and shared hundreds of photos of my little guy so it seems as if he has been around much longer – but it is only five years.

Those of you that have met him know that he is special. Other than that I am not sure how old he is or what he is – we think he is a combination chihuahua/pug/terrier/bat/truffle pig and a few other things thrown into his DNA. He barks when the phone rings thinking it is someone at the door.  He has too many toys (my fault) and gets too many treats (mea culpa as well).  He knows everyone on the block and his presence has allowed me to meet tons of other people in the ‘hood’.  He loves to go shopping at Staples, Barnes & Noble,  Bed Bath & Beyond with me and has met many new friends in those stores too.

There is something about the little guy that makes people smile – and that’s a good thing.  Nary a day goes by that someone does not stop me and ask ‘What kind of dog is that’?  My usual response is ‘He is something special’.

Happy Benniversary, little guy!  Enjoy your Cinco de Benny!



1. Bonnie Luria - June 18, 2010

Benny is the main attraction at the Judy Holiday Inn, aside from the gracious proprietress.
Having walked him a few times myself, I can attest to the curious stares he garners and have answered that same question of what kind of dog is that with the alternate answer given by his owner : ” Half Chihuahua, and mostly cute “.
Happy Birthday Boy and the best part is I get to kiss that face in person.

2. Carol King - June 18, 2010

Happy 5 years Benster!

June 21st will be 5 years we’ve had Kaiya. 🙂

Guess we were both in the same state of mind 5 years ago!

3. wendy - June 18, 2010


4. Anonymous - June 18, 2010

Happy Bennyversary,
You are special Benny……………love those big brown eyes and your personality PLUS!!
The Florida sista!!!

5. Linc - June 24, 2010

the Benster! am late on this, but I do think there is a book or greeting card line here…..you big, beautiful star, Benny….no brown M&M’s for you! and it has only been five years, wow….

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