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Shoot the Messenger September 4, 2010

Posted by judylobo in Links, Photography, Politics.

The Dreadfulcrats have done it again. We have managed to screw up a huge majority in Congress and have lost our way.  If the Dreadfulcrats could find a messenger that messenger should lose his job.  The Obameter (which I check regularly) salutes Obama’s promises, works in progress, compromises, stalled stuff and things gone awry. This administration has done some terrific things and usually taken the high road at every crosswalk but they have failed miserably in taking their message to the streets.

The Repugnant noise machine has co-opted the message, twisted the language and continued to drive fear into the the dumbed down minds of Americans and seemingly have won the battle. Their message can fit on a bumper sticker.  The Dreadfulcrats’ message is usually in the form of a thesis. Big sigh.

Statistician Nate Silver paints a grim picture of the upcoming midterm elections.

Kirk Johnson in the New York Times writes that Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats.

Judy Lobo writes that the Blue team is screwed.  Their base (that would be me) is not energized.  Yes, I will go to the polls on both primary day and will vote in November but I sure would like to have that bounce in my step like I did two years ago instead of going to the polls as if I was part of a death march.

Is there time to fix this gloomy picture.  I think there is but the Blue team needs to detour from the high road and start to scream as loudly as possible what we have accomplished and how it effects you,  the individual. The Blue team needs to tell the voting public what it will mean if the Repugnants take control of the House. Remember those subpoenas during the Clinton years?  Remember the Government shut down with Newt Gingrich in power?  Want to see Health Care over turned? (thankfully there is still  Presidential veto power). And on and on.

Stay tuned…



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