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Nine Years Later September 11, 2010

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My dog Benny and I were out this morning as dawn was breaking and the sky had that September 11th feel.  You know , that crisp, cloudless blue sky that many of us remember all too well. I realize that September always brings those types of skies, but the memory of that particular Tuesday morning does not fade for me. Finally, work is being done at the World Trade Center Site (and I do not mean the shameful demonstrations at the proposed Islamic Cultural Center a few blocks away). I speak of the gaping pile of rubble, pipes, beams and sorrows that has been the World Trade Center for the past nine years.  I will be going to visit the site next week and will see for myself just how much progress has been made. In the meanwhile, last week’s Sunday New York Times had an interesting article about the rapid pace of construction as we near the 10th anniversary of that horrific day.  Do not forget to look at some recent photos of the progress.

–  Not a day goes by that I do not think about September 11, 2001 (unless I am traveling).  Perhaps the proximity of where one lives keeps the memory burning brighter. Every day when I walk my dog Benny, I see where the towers used to stand and it brings a knot in my stomach. We have come so far and in many ways have lost our path.  The crazies seem to be dominating the landscape and the voices of moderation are either too far from the microphone or are too busy quaking in their shoes to say anything.  Gail Collins wrote a fine piece about the ‘crazies’ in Thursday’s New York Times called The 5 Percent Doctrine.

–  Speaking of the New York Times — The publisher of the New York Times acknowledged Wednesday that the newspaper will go out of print — eventually.  Life as I know it – will change.  I am not happy.

–  So what is going on in my fair City since 9/11?  Mayor Mike is in his third term and although I am not a big fan – I do think that his words about the proposed Mosque near the World Trade Center site are pitch perfect and I thank him for his lack of waffling.

–  So why did the World Trade Center site take so long to develop? I blame then Governor George Pataki for the initial screw ups and then blame all of the other real estate hustlers and muckety mucks who would not get out of the way.  Shame on all of you.

–  I hate when out of town politicians and nut jobs claim some bull crap about the sanctity of the site.  Where were you when the bill for the healthcare for the first responders came to the floor and it was voted down?  Shame on all of you.

–  I hate when Rudy ‘9/11’ Giuliani pokes his head into something that has nothing to do with him and is still flying high off of that day in history.  His cohort Bernie Kerik is serving time. Shame on both of you.

–  I am not happy about much of anything political these days.  I am disappointed with President Obama’s lock step Bush view on torture, the law and our civil rights.

–  I am worried about the midterm elections.

–  My pal Carol, who still works a few blocks from the World Trade Center and one block from the proposed Mosque) site is doing well as is my favorite NYC Police Detective, Officer Matt.

Here is what I wrote about this day last year and the year before that.

–  Who knows what nuttiness, mayhem or event will steal the spotlight next year as the country remembers the 10th anniversary of the day everything seemed to change?

Keep the faith – regardless of how hard that seems to be right now.

–  That little kitten who walked into my lobby in October of 2001 is now nine years old and as ornery as ever (see her sitting in Benny’s crate in photo below).  And of course, no post about September 11th can end without sharing a photo of Benny the dog and Madison the cat.



1. Christina - September 11, 2010

I got quite teary reading your post ….. mostly, I think, because I too believe the crazies are dominating the landscape & I fear for the future. Thank you for ending on a positive note, with the word that Carol & Matt are well, and a picture of Madison & Benny!

2. Linc - September 11, 2010

hard to believe it has been nine years, just had a message from AJ at the zoo- I was able to call her that morning when I turned on the tv, as I was goin to be late to work…after that my phone didn’t work, followed by the internet….
I’m shocked…shocked…to hear the crazy preacher has a book to sell….I plan to visit the site at some point today or tonight as usual…the memorial service is winding down, the major is speaking….the sky is clear blue, eerie…

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