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Rally Ho! October 29, 2010

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics.

If you are watching Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity tomorrow in the comfort of your living room keep a look out for Bumper Sticker Ruth.  This is the hat and t-shirt she will be wearing at the Rally (thanks to Dr. Ann for supplying her with these gems).

She is boarding one of the Huffington Post buses at 5:30 in the morning.  The buses are gathering at Citifield and will leave the crowds off at RFK Stadium.  The return trip is at 6 PM.

Let’s hear it for Ruth. She has been and always is on the front lines.

All YOU have to do is go out to vote on Tuesday.

Keep the faith.



1. Bonnie Luria - October 29, 2010

Love it love it love it all.

2. Carol King - October 29, 2010

Way to go Ruth!

3. bumper sticker - October 29, 2010

Thanks guys!

4. JES - October 29, 2010

Do you want me to wake you up?

5. Annabel - October 29, 2010

I’ll be looking for her at Democrats Abroad, here in Toronto where we’re gathering to watch and cheer the event.

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