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I voted and was #15 November 2, 2010

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I voted at 7AM and was #15.  On Primary Day – way back in September I voted at 3PM and was #30.  I take this as a good sign.

So how did it go at my polling place you ask?  The poll workers seemed to be more in control of what they were doing with the new scanner devices.  On Primary Day I was very skeptical about whether those scanners were even plugged in and of course whether my vote would count.  (My paranoia is very high on Election day).  Things seemed smooth, unruffled, sober and all six of the ‘privacy’ booths were filled.  How did it go at your polling place today?

I printed out my usual ‘VOTE TODAY’ sign to put down in my lobby with the address of our polling place.  My doorman has the scotch tape ready when he sees me at 6AM.  I assume some bozo in my building hasn’t a clue as to where to go to vote.

So who and what did I vote for you ask?  I voted the Democratic line from top to bottom.  I was tempted to vote for ‘the rent’s too damn high’ guy running for Governor, but even though I think he is a hoot I do not find most things political at all funny.  I cringed when I marked Kirsten Gillibrand’s name – but the party line is the party line.

I voted NO on Prop One because even though most times I want to throw all the bums out I do not believe in term limits.  I voted YES on Prop Two because there seemed to be a whole lot of good stuff in that proposal.

Now what to do all day?  I am off to a movie with my movie buddy (who I do not think is a registered voter and I will give him a piece of my mind) to see ‘Wasteland.’  That seemed like a good name of a movie to see on election day.

And tonight?  I will pace around the living room, probably take a Xanax and hope for the best. OY!



1. Dr. Tom Bibey - November 2, 2010

See my post today.

Dr. B

2. Rob Goldberg - November 2, 2010

I was # 57 and met a few people from my builing on my way there and on my way back. I too cringed at Gillibrand and actually like the Republican running against Schumer better than her but as you said “The Party Line is The Party Line”

3. It's just a web site man! - November 2, 2010

I honestly don’t know what number I was. I was there at 7AM and there were at least 20 in front of me. Good turn out it seems.


4. Gloria - November 2, 2010

I voted at 6:45 and was about #12. I said a hearty good morning to other voters coming and going and got a similar response. Everyone seemed psyched about doing their civic duty. In my Westchester voting district there’s a real mix of reds and blues. We’re probably all just cancelling out each others’ votes. The procedure itself went smoothly. And yes, much cringing on my part too.

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