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I don’t know about you, but… December 12, 2010

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When I encountered the visual of Obama bringing Bill Clinton to his press conference to explain why this tax deal is the best one we can get I had the following feelings:
1. Shame
2. Frustration
3. Depression
4. Anger
Then – he leaves Bill Clinton alone on the podium to hold his own press conference, complete with lip biting and those expected pauses for another half hour while he goes to a scheduled event at the White House with Michelle. WTF?

It simply appeared to me that President Obama cannot effectively explain his policies, his capitulation, his ever-shifting invisible line in the sand.  This is a guy who was gifted with oratorical splendor and yet when it comes to ‘splaining’ himself – he is unable to rise to the occasion.  And who is he mad at?  He is not angry with the Repugnants, he is angry with people like me, his base, who are furious about his lack of leadership, strength and fortitude.

–  That same day when I opened my snail mail I had a letter from the departing Senator Russ Feingold (big sigh can be heard across the land) thanking me for my support throughout the years. He ended his upbeat note with these words: “I want you to know that it has been my great privilege to advance your progressive values and beliefs in the US Senate. In the words of Bob Dylan …my heart is not weary. It is light and free.  I’ve got nothing but affection for those who have sailed with me.”  Where have all of the Russ Feingold’s gone?  Are we a dying breed? (another big sigh)

–  A bit later I heard some of those just released Nixon tape clips – OMG!  I had almost forgotten how much I hated that guy – but it came right back to me.
He and my #1 War Criminal, Henry Kissinger can be heard trashing almost every ethnic and religious group with a special attack on Jewish people.  (note to self: Henry Kissinger is Jewish)

–  As of this moment, I am looking around for another Dreadfulcrat to support in 2012.  I never thought I would say that – but that’s the way it is for me today.  Can Obama redeem himself in these progressive eyes?  I am waiting (hopefully not for Godot).

How are you feeling about the political situation these days?



1. bumper sticker - December 12, 2010

I am on political hiatus. My head exploded about 2 weeks ago and I have insufficient brain cells left to ponder what’s going on. I don’t understand it at all. So, I’m now just watching re-runs of Law and Order. Hopefully, I’ll soon feel good enough to find re-runs of West Wing and perhaps that will ease me back into political thought.

2. BungalowBILL - December 12, 2010

When I watched him give his capitulation speech I thought to myself ” I am watching this man lose the 2012 election right before my eyes”. Expire in 2 years..really? In an election year? The Republicans expect him to get the Democrats to vote for this so they can campaign on Obama running up the deficit more and still wanting to raise taxes. Does anyone seriously think there will be a favorable vote on the dream act, DADT and the 9-11 responders bill now that the Republicans got what they wanted and now have a majority?

Instead of handing the press conference over to Bill, he should have just handed the keys over to Hillary. I don’t know who was behind the old Obama, Ted Kennedy or Rahm Emmanuel or whoever but obviously that person isn’t there anymore. and neither is Obama’s spine.

I wait and hope for his redemption as well.

3. Panhandle - December 14, 2010

Ditto to Lobo comments and concurring words by others. It’ s been amazing to watch this fall from grace.

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