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Yes We Did December 23, 2010

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It feels pretty good doesn’t it?  I was jubilant at this past week’s achievements out of the usually impotent Congress of the United States.  And yes, I was feeling a little guilty about my disappointment over President Obama.  It turns out he IS the smartest guy in the room and really can get things done.  I guess it is the way that he works his magic that makes me crazy.

Am I content with out President?  Not at all. I am especially angry at his continuance of some of the Bush policies such as indefinite detention and the ongoing state of Guantanamo. The economy is still in dire need of an injection of stimulus.  I could go on with a longer list of disappointments but decided to look at the bright side of this week.

– Don’t ask, don’t tell, repealed
– The START treaty passed
– The 9/11 Zadroga Bill passed

Check out the Obameter for the actual promises kept, works in progress, stalled and promises broken.

Happy holidays to one and all.  Enjoy this week’s victories because when the Repugnants come back to town after the holidays it is going to be raining a nightmare of investigative hearings.  Sigh…..



1. BungalowBILL - December 23, 2010

I was thinking I should go back an amend my last comment as well. I guess this is why we want someone smarter than us to lead the country. I can’t but help feel like a pioneer under attack and he always comes riding in like the cavalry at the last minute for the save.

2. bumper sticker - December 23, 2010

When Obama spoke about change during the 2008 election, the one thing I was NOT expecting was that he would be a President who so clearly differentiated politics vs governing. Especially after the 8 years of the politicized Bush administration, I had lost sight of the fact that there was a distinction between political rhetoric and representative government. I had expected Obama to be a firebrand — using his great political speaking skills to push through legislation. Instead, he’s working things through a much lower-key representative government approach. I guess that’s what he meant by “Change”. I’m OK with that. The one thing that I still worry about though is the degree of misinformation that many people have about things like what’s needed to continue to move the economy, the progress that’s been made thus far, and even the fact that the health care bill is not a “budget buster”. I’m hoping that the next year bring more focus to getting facts out there that counteract many of the Conservative myths. I expect the next year will have a lot of contentious legislative work on the economy, spending and the budget. Given the numbers in the House and Senate, at first I thought “we’re doomed!”. But, now I’m thinking, maybe this presents an opportunity to get realistic and accurate information out there. We’ll see.

3. Linc - December 23, 2010

I will take it! am still pinching myself…not all perfect, but Obama is pragmatic, which alot of voters never got or expected….I’ll take that over rigid ideology…

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