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Deconstructing Casa Lobo August 27, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Dogs and cats, Photography, Politics, Videos.

We were instructed by building management to clear our balcony of any furniture, grills or plants before Hurricane Irene drops by.  Easy for you to say, Pedro.  Have you seen my balcony?  (All photos below).  So, I went to the gym at 7 AM to build up my strength for my upcoming arduous task.  My 24 hour gym is closing at 10AM today and will be closed tomorrow as well. In case you are living somewhere else and have not see the news – NYC is essentially shut down as of noon today.  No subways or buses and the airports (all three) are shutting down.  There are evacuation areas throughout the five boros and most food items are gone from supermarket shelves.

I checked my own pantry and found I had plenty of food for the pets, ample wine, pretzels and tuna.  What else does someone need?  Am I nervous?  No (except when I turn on the TV and hear the horrible warnings, statistics and blather).  So I turned off the TV and did my task.  There are now pots, plants and garden supplies all over Casa Lobo and both Benny the dog and Madison the cat are not pleased.  The cat retreated to the closet to hide and benny hid under the bed.  Now that the noise is over they have returned to their normal positions.

Do I think the Mayor and Governor have over-reacted?  I surely do.  I think if this hurricane had hit during the week when Wall Street does whatever it is they do – it would have been a different story.  However – ‘who works on the weekend’ –  the powers that be thought?  ‘Not anyone I know’ – so they shut it down.  Am I cynical?  You bet. Just because I am not blogging much on politics these days do not for one minute think that I have changed my tune or softened in anyway.  I am mad as hell and shake my fist at passing clouds all of the time.

So what will I do today and tomorrow?  I will devote myself to some projects that have been on a list for ages.  I will stare out the window.  I will most likely speak to my good buddy Carol several times and also will yak with my sister Terry.  One more thing – I will call and speak with my zoo buddy, Mary tomorrow as it is her birthday. ‘Happy Birthday, Mary’.

Good night Irene – good night.


1. Anonymous - August 27, 2011

Well you’ve already begun with an interesting story…. as long as you are ready for power outages you should be fine and will continue to have a new experience and maybe some good photos. Stay safe!

2. wendy - August 27, 2011

We’ve stocked up on ice cream (a whole quart!), beer (an entire six-pack — well, let’s make that a four-pack, now), and cake (almost whole, but entirely homemade). That should tide us over just fine 🙂

3. nycstylecannoli - August 27, 2011

hope you are correct and it isn’t a big deal..I was coming in this past Thursday but re-scheduled to Tuesday of next week due to the storm. coming in from PA on a bus so hoping flooding is not too bad. stay safe with your cute animals and send some photos our way!!

4. Steve e Bass - August 27, 2011

From the pictures, it appears Benny is pleased with the cornucopia of plants, all which will save him a trip downstairs.

In other news, Blooomberg announced that residents not in the evacuation zone, and who have apartments or condos on the fifth floor or higher, must take in evacuees.Sounds like fun, no?

5. Mary - August 27, 2011

I LOVE that your new job carries into your personal life too, documenting your every move!! I’m ready for Irene to be gone.

6. The Husband - August 27, 2011

Rather than going in to work tonight at 11:30 I am to report at 8:00. I am assigned on our desk tonight. It isn’t my favorite assignment but when we had the last huge rainstorm a few weeks ago I nearly ruined a $ 275 pair of work boots. It took almost a week for them to completely dry. I’ll watch the high tide come in with the storm. At least I’ll make some overtime and if I’m lucky someone from patrol will bring me a nice medium-sized Dunkin Donuts coffee around 2 or 3 tomorrow morning.
Judy dear—I’ll call you at 0400 when you arise for your day shift and we can discuss the storm.

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