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Waiting… August 27, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Dogs and cats, Photography, Science.

I cannot believe it is only 3 PM.  I am not very good at waiting.  Yet, here we are at Casa Lobo, waiting out the impending storm.  I look out the window often. Here are a few things that caught my eye from my 11th floor perch.  Madison the cat has found having all of the outside plants inside very entertaining.  Benny is milking my being home by begging for a treat every time our eyes happen to meet.  Sadly, he usually wins the treat war.  I am a sucker for those fluid eyes.




1. Jennifer - August 27, 2011

Yeah – the waiting stinks. We’re all set. The boys are bored. They think this is overkill. I just kept telling them – Plan for the worst; Hope for the best. Stay safe!

2. Donald Diddams - August 27, 2011

That’s one of the things about hurricanes… they take so loooong. Not like a thunderstorm, bang, crash, it’s over. I never knew New Yorkers were so compliant… pink tape keeps them out?

3. bumper sticker - August 27, 2011

Yes. I drove up to the Catskills yesterday afternoon and it seems like I’ve been up here for a week already. I’ve stopped watching the continuous storm news coverage — I think that’s contributing to the slow moving time. Fortunately I just discovered that BBC America has a Doctor Who marathon. Time to settle in with some weird plot lines and wait out the storm in the Catskills.

4. judylobo - August 27, 2011

Hi Bumper Sticker Ruth – I wish you the happiest of birthdays where ever you safely land.

5. Linc - August 27, 2011

sunny day here in Whistler BC…..Air Canada canceled my flight from Toronto and cant rebook me online and wont answer phones…lol…maybe bussing it….hey, it could be worse…

6. Carol King - August 27, 2011

Judalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the pink plastic tape has always been a favorite of mine. I hate it when there’s “track work” and from a block away you can see that tape and know the subway is closed.

As is the whole city this weekend. Is this crazy or what? I’m glad I read the comments. Thanks Bumper Sticker Ruth, I’ve always wanted to catch Doctor Who and now I can watch some episodes whilst I wait for Irene’s arrival.

7. jimmyboi2 - August 28, 2011

I love that anticipatory doggy face! It’s VERY akin to how my lovebird looks when he is letting me know that his food dish is full of seed hulls…

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