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Wet Dog, Dry Plants – an Irene Postscript August 28, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Dogs and cats, Photography, Politics.

It is over for us.  Hurricane Irene came and left leaving most New Yorkers unscathed (if you are not counting all of the people that had to evacuate or are calling their insurance companies to assess their house/tree/car damage).

I have started to schlep my outdoor plants back outside (without the energy I had yesterday).  Benny has been on two walks since Irene passed us by –  which he much preferred to this morning’s very wet outside adventure at 6 AM.

a) Manhattan had no power outages.  Why doesn’t the Government spend stimulus money to bury all power cables underground?  Manhattan had no power outages because our cables are all underground.

b) The Battery did not flood very much considering it it all manmade and should be flooded all of the time.

c) Here is the one thing that was damaged in my neighborhood – an upset pot.

d)  Plants going back onto my balcony (a work in progress).

e) I know that life is back to normal.  The lunatic that stands on the corner singing and screaming with his guitar returned.

I hope your experience with Hurricane Irene was as uneventful as mine.  Unfortunately, Mayor Mike has informed us that the transit system will most likely not be up and running for tomorrow’s rush hour.  He is sure ‘we’ will figure someway to get to work because New Yorkers are tough.  Hey, Mayor Mike – you have a chauffeured lim0.  Want to pick us all up and give us a ride?



1. Carol King - August 28, 2011

I, too, was relatively unscathed. Water in the basement of my building and the fact I had to walk the dog last night and we both got soaked was the worst for us.

I wonder how I will get to work tomorrow? Can you send the mayor’s limo to pick me up?

2. Steve Bass - August 28, 2011

I stocked up on beer and wine and pretzels, but luckily, we came out of it without a scratch.

BTW, does that lunatic look a little too much like Bloomberg?

3. Helen - August 28, 2011

Here, in the semi-country : Irene is now also gone. Many trees and LOTS of branches down. Power started going out at 3:00 AM … some flickered until 6:00 then went out. Yes – wires should get buried!!!
CL+P will get to 911 calls first – then hospitals, etc. Homes might be on the list for Tuesday.
Very glad that where I work there is a generator!!! I’m there now.

4. bumper sticker - August 28, 2011

Power was out up here in the Catskills in the little hamlet of Smallwood. (That’s really its name!) Power went out around 9AM and just came back on around 5PM. We do get several power outages every summer. I’m going to check out getting solar panels for next summer — so we can go “off grid”.

5. Jim Crescitelli - August 28, 2011

Our friend Tyson in Philadelphia: the roof of his apartment house blew off, and he’s up top, and everything he owned is lost or soaked. He’s VERY distressed. We in Florida and New York are lucky, sooo lucky. These things are horrible and it could have been terrible. A little inconvenience is OK. PS I thought your Mayor rode the subway ?!?!

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