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Ten Years Later September 11, 2011

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Gathering my thoughts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center has been daunting.  There’s already been a bucket load of depressingly, sad commemorations, TV specials, books, and magazines articles about what others think about today.  So I will keep this post simple – nothing particularly profound or clever.  Just some random musings. I have been writing since the day of the attack.  Many of you have been there through all of my rants – regardless of the topic.  Many things have stayed the same but lots of things have changed.

These are the things that now make me crazy:
– The term ‘Homeland.’  It makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I expect goose-stepping brownshirts to fill the streets.
– Going to airports and made to submit to body pats, body scans, partial undressing and chaos.  I do not feel any safer. They should offer free xanax to all travelers.
– I abhor just about all politicians these days.  Both sides of the aisle are gross buffoonish figures of corruption and dysfunction.  We are broken both economically and politically.
– I hate Fox News, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdock.

These are the things that keep me sane:
– Going to my job at the zoo and documenting with my camera what happens each day.
– I still like going to the movies but don’t have as much time as I did awhile back.
– Seeing a good exhibit at a museum energizes me.
– I like to travel (just hate the airports).
– I probably like a lot of other things but thinking about happy thoughts today is too hard.

– I am still living at Casa Lobo with my now 10 year old cat, Madison, and of course the newer resident, eight year old, Benny the dog.

– My friend Carol and I remain close.  She still works within spitting distance of the ‘pit’ (excuse me – the construction site) and my hat goes off to her and her coworkers who go there every day. Carol, managed to get to my apartment that September day, and stayed with me overnight. She and I still chat a lot and find many things to laugh about. The photo below was taken when Carol and I tried to walk her home to Brooklyn on September 12th, 2001. We were not allowed to walk over any of the bridges that connected Brooklyn to Manhattan so we had to take the train. You can see the smoldering pile of smoke and ash still looming over the site. This went on for weeks.

– Her husband, Police Officer Matt is also doing just fine. He is working downtown at the WTC site today. He is a member of the Emergency Services Unit and is a detective. He leaps tall buildings, climbs bridges and works that wacky jaws of life machine to save people.  Matt wrote this to me last year – “I still remember coming home around 2:45 am on the morning of September 12th and writing to you and Carol. My uniforms were being washed and I had to be back in work in less than an hour and a half. I still have a ton of “hatred” feelings and a ton of sad feelings. It’s a very sad day.  I hope everyone out there takes a few minutes to think about what happened that day and think about all who are no longer with us. We lost a supervisor from my truck that day, Sgt. Rodney Gillis. His mom will be stopping in to our quarters this morning to see us and her son’s memorial plaque, locker and equipment storage bin before she goes to the city for the memorial. I touch his equipment bin every day I work because it’s next to my equipment bin. You never know when those you work with aren’t going to come home”.

Will I keep writing?  Even though I do not blog as much as I used to – I blog in my head and yell at passing clouds.  The short answer is sure – I’ll keep writing and ranting and hope you will keep reading and responding.

So what am I going to do today?  I’ll probably go to the gym, watch some of the 10th anniversary ceremony, cry a bit and then go to see a movie for escape.  Tomorrow is another day.

– If you want to take a look at what is happening at the World Trade Center site there is a great Interactive look at the ongoing construction here.

WTC remembered on film



1. Linc - September 11, 2011

what a day….am drained….the memorial looks great, I hear the public has to get tickets….paul simon was hauntingly great. the shanksville ceremony yesterday was moving…now for tomorrow’s commute.

2. Carol King - September 11, 2011

Thanks for your post, since I didn’t (couldn’t?) post myself.


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