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What to Wear to the Revolution October 6, 2011

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We (my sister and I) decided it was time to go downtown and see what the Occupy Wall Street Protest was all about.  So, decked out in the usual protest gear (jeans and a black turtleneck), traveling light (just in case we got arrested), smiles on our faces, we hit the streets. My first impression was that tiny Zuccotti Park looked like a street fair that had just broken up.  Cartons everywhere, tables of food in no particular order, and the oh so gentle smell of marijuana in the air. It was generally a sloppy, disorganized mess, and seemed to be filled with rag tag characters out of a 70’s hippie movie.

We wandered around for about an hour, criss crossing the small park.  We read all of the posters, spoke with a few people and generally felt a cheeriness throughout the air despite the gloomy signs and ocassional creepy outfits.  We saw people getting free haircuts.  They asked me, or I thought they asked me, if I wanted a muppet?  A muppet? I said.  They laughed and laughed. No they wanted to know if I would like a mullet!  Then we all laughed heartily.

We spoke at length with a guy who had a scary beef with Johnson & Johnson. Really serious accusations about attempted murder, etc.  Being J&J shareholders, we did not like what we heard. Oy!

The street was theater and felt like performance art.

Then again, was it the beginning of a movement?  We donated some money here and there and hoped against hope that this was, indeed, the start of something big.

The Left needs to lift its voice and get its air time back from the Right.

Did we get arrested? No we did not. In all my years of placard carrying, bra burning, women’s rights, war protesting and then some – I have never even gotten close to being arrested and today was not going to be my first arrest.

When I got home after 8 PM there were a couple of voice messages from my dear friend Carol and her husband Matt, the Police Officer.  Did I get arrested?  Why wasn’t I home?  Worry, worry, worry.  When I phoned them back I realized that I had failed to tell them that after the Protest we went up to the Museum of Modern Art to see the DeKooning show and then went to The Paley Center for Media to hear Susan Orlean speak about her new book on Rin Tin Tin. For some reason, Carol and Matt found this incredibly funny.  What?

Keepin’ the faith….



1. jimmyboi2 - October 7, 2011

I was very concerned that I had not heard from you regarding this… there seems to be NO news coming out, and I wonder if it IS being considered a “flash mob in the pan,” to coin a phrase. I’m just happy that “revolution” and “taxpayers” are once again being used in the same context.

2. Steve Bass - October 7, 2011

Did you see now-famous Tony the Bologna?

3. Linc - October 7, 2011

wait….you and OLBERMANN were there??? on the same day??? together??? when I went, Radiohead didn’t show…lol….the scene is kinda like a Grateful Dead parking lot party being crashed by The Clash, the Teamsters, and grandma….I heard today that people want to stay camped there all winter….hey, whatever works, no bankers went to jail…now this is spreading to other cities….but is it really “left” or just pissed off people worried about jobs? which does not necessarily translate into supporting Obama or anyone else…hmmmm

4. Gloria - October 19, 2011

You should have taken them up on the mullet offer! That would have been a fun story to tell and a great photo op. We just got back from a trip to Europe and happened to be in Barcelona last Saturday, the day the world-wide demonstrations were planned. It was a tiny affair, kind of a ragtag group with posters and tamborines that stopped traffic for about 2 minutes. I thought it was some kind of street festival until I mustered all the Catalan that I know and figured out what the signs said, kind of. Just like in Zuccotti park it was a broad mix of dissatisfactions.

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