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My Vote Got Applause November 8, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

It is Election Day.  The City is quiet as schools, City agencies and many other businesses honor this very special day.  Yes, it is an off year in politics in my State.  In NYC we did not even get a mailing from the Board of Election to tell us where to vote or what to vote for.

So off I went to my local polling place about 90 minutes after the polls opened.  As I walked into the school gymnasium I was greeted by 12 people including one Police Officer.  They smiled as if it was Christmas morning. They got off their folding chairs and started to applaud.  Yes, I was the first person to vote and they were thrilled.

So what was on the ballot?  There was one column of 10 names.  All were running for a Judgeship without any opposition.  And they were all Democrats.  Not a tough choice for me.  I voted the party line, got into a short chit chat with the workers and went on my merry way.

I told them as I was leaving that next November it would be more crowded.  They said ‘Do you think so?”  I told them I would bet on it.

Keeping the faith. Don’t forget – if you don’t stand for something – you’ll fall for anything.



1. Donald Diddams - November 8, 2011

Love that last line!

2. Carol King - November 8, 2011

And I applaud you, Ms. Lobo. You are a role model for all of us.

3. Anonymous - November 9, 2011

you ROCK….I was wiped out from leading a Professional Development Day seminar for 120 paraprofessionals…could not remember what to vote on…went home and slept…lame…lol

Anonymous - November 9, 2011

that was me, Linc….anonymous….can’t think straight to click …lol

4. Anonymous - November 9, 2011

Anonymous was me, Linc….lol…

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