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I voted and was #8 September 13, 2012

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Yes, it is another election day.  I just got home after voting at 1:30PM and was #8 at my polling place.  That does not bode well for the turnout, does it?

I got a notification from the Board of Elections that my polling place had changed.  “Hmm”, I said – as I looked at the new address on the mailer.  It seemed to be the same place as before.  As I strolled to my old polling place, I noticed that indeed it was the same place – the thing that has changed was the name of the High School. Is this a form of voter suppression?  Not likely – just a Board of Elections mix up.

As I walked into the school gymnasium I was greeted by 9 people including two Police Officers.  They smiled as if it was Christmas morning. They got off their folding chairs and went into action.  Yes, I was the 8th person to vote and they were thrilled.  Glad to have made them happy.

So what was on the ballot?  Two names for Public Advocate (I voted for the name that the NY Times endorsed) and there were two columns of about 30 names each.  All were running for delegates and alternates.  I had to pick 11 delegates and 11 alternates. They were all Democrats. I voted for the women on the ballot.

I told them as I was leaving that the November election day  would be more crowded.  They said ‘Do you think so?”  I told them I would bet on it.

So go find your polling place and vote today.  It is good practice for November.

Don’t forget – if you don’t stand for something – you’ll fall for anything.