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Lobo’s 2nd Annual ‘Hanukkah Shmanukkah’ December 21, 2008

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haphannuIt is finally here. We bring out the Menorah and light that first candle at sundown. Factoid about my Menorah. Years ago, I saw a Martha Stewart show where she said if you put your Menorah in the freezer for awhile, the wax will chip right off of it. It was a good thing. Martha probably did not have in mind what I did after that. I now store my Menorah in the freezer all year long. It is a good thing and makes me smile whenever I open my freezer during the year. If you are lucky, someone in the family is making latkes. Now where did I put the dreidels? Where should I display the menorah? Is anything going to catch fire after I light the candle? So many questions and only eight nights to figure it all out. This is a lengthy post and you have eight full days to read, enjoy and watch it.

So how do you spell Hanukkah? Does it have a ‘C’, 2 ‘N’s, some K’s? What letter does it end with?  There are more than 20 different spellings of the Jewish Festival of Lights and, of course, no one has told us which is the defintive spelling. You know the old adage about the number of opinions amongst Jewish people all depends upon how many Jews are in the room.

Here’s the current list of the way you can spell this Festival of Lights.
Channuka, Channukah, Chanuka, Chanukah, Chanuko, Hannuka, Hannukah, Hanuka, Hanika, Hanukah, Hanukka, Hanukkah, Kanukkah, Khannuka, Khannukah, Khanuka, Khanukah, Khanukkah and Khanike. Sometimes even Xanuka.
Sometimes ‘Oyikkah’ seems the best way to go.

The basic problem is that it’s translated into English from a five-letter Hebrew word meaning “consecration,” which lacks the gutteral, rolling-in-the-throat opening sound. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has “Hanukkah” as the main entry, with “Chanukah” as another option. The Associated Press Stylebook, considered the spelling bible by most newspapers, also goes with “Hanukkah.” The New York Times uses ‘Hanukkah’. The Daily News uses “Chanukah,” although other versions are used. The bottom line is you cannot misspell this word. So a very Happy Hanukkah to all.

– How to make very, very easy Latkes:

–  Or – the more traditional, messier version with lovable Lola, Sylvia and Erin::

– More factoids about the History of Hanukkah.

–  What Movies You Watch for Hanukkah? Get 8 Movie Suggestions

–  Adam Sandler’s original Chanukah Song. Put on your yamulkah, it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah.

–  How many of your gentile friends ask you ‘Isn’t Hanukkah late this year?” or “Isn’t Hanukkah early this year?” I remind my gentile pals that Jews are on the Lunar calendar and things are different each year. FYI – next year Hanukkah is December 12-19 and for those that really like to plan ahead -December 2-9, 2010

–  How cute are these kids? A beautiful song for Hanukkah sung by the PS22 Chorus of 2009 in Hebrew.

– For those that like to know these things, here is a list of past, present and future Jewish Politicians.

–  Hip Hop Hanukkah Bird:

– Dreidel facts: In Israel, the dreidel is called the sivivon and the Yiddish word “dreidel” is derived from the German word “drehen” or “turn.” In America, the Hebrew letters on the dreidel stand for “A Great Miracle Happened There.” In Israel, the letters mean “A Miracle Happened Here.”

–  The South Park Dreidel Song:

–  Hatikva Live – Jewish communities all over the world sing simultaneously. Get our your tissues.

–  My favorite of all is Marley the Hanukkah dog singing Oh Hanukkah: