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Seven Years Later September 11, 2008

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For a brief moment in time – seven years we were one. Long time Lobo readers know that I started writing on that awful Tuesday, September 11, 2001 as a way to keep in touch and as a way to process the nightmare that attacked our fair City. Life went on, of course, but this time of year still breaks my heart. The blue, crisp September sky cannot help but remind us of that morning. Low flying planes, loud noises and the still unfinished mess that is now called Ground Zero continue to irritate and unnerve the soul. The politics of the day enrages me still but I take solace in knowing that in a few months we will not have to see or hear from the thugs living in the White House. l still light two candles each year – one for each tower. I may have to light another candle in remembrance of what we used to stand for and what we have lost in these last seven years. Can you hear my big sigh wherever you are?

For a brief moment in time seven years ago – we were one nation. As I read over my sixth anniversary post I realized that not a lot has changed for the better in one year. We have lost more of our precious few civil rights. We are being spied upon in more places by more people each day. Many more people have lost their homes. The middle class gets starved out more each day. Health care costs have risen dramatically and the price of oil is insane. The dollar is so weak we made up something called ‘staycation’ and believe that is a great way to spend your vacation. The mindless lunacy at airports where we are treated as cattle, with shoes in hand, does not make me feel any safer. How about you?

For a brief moment in time seven years ago – we were one nation. After a criminal lack of leadership we quickly became more polarized than ever before. The litany of lies, abuses of power and illegal acts by this administration makes me both angry and sad at the same time. Their use of 9/11 as noun, verb, bumper sticker, backdrop and an excuse for everything they do (or do not do) is appalling. They drag the culture wars out of the often used bag of dirty tricks when they have no policies or agendas to put forth.

For a brief moment in time we were one.

The photo above is the obvious one that anyone who has ever ridden the Staten Island Ferry or the Circle Line has taken and is now filed somewhere in their photo drawer. Pictured above are my Cousin Judy from CA and me as we dazed out at that magnificent skyline in June 0f 2000 (Cousin Steve gets photo credit).

I asked for some thoughts about this seventh anniversary from you and received back a few to share.

This first one is from my usually silent, favorite NYPD detective, Matt who was a first responder that day seven years ago. My hat is off to Matt and all those who were there, worked so hard the weeks thereafter and carry the difficult memory with them every day. His wife, Carol, managed to get to my place that day and stayed with me overnight.

“I still remember coming home around 2:45 am on the morning of September 12th and writing to you and Carol. My uniforms were being washed and I had to be back in work in less than an hour and a half. I still have a ton of “hatred” feelings and a ton of sad feelings.
I am scheduled to be off today but I’m working overtime in the city.
It’s a very sad day.
I hope everyone out there takes a few minutes to think about what happened that day and think about all who are no longer with us.
We lost a supervisor from my truck that day, Sgt. Rodney Gillis. His mom will be stopping in to our quarters this morning to see us and her son’s memorial plaque, locker and equipment storage bin before she goes to the city for the memorial. I touch his equipment bin every day I work because it’s next to my equipment bin. You never know when those you work with aren’t going to come home”.

This one is from Porter, a friend from Hilton Head.

“My recollection of that day is intense but complicated. I had just brought my wife her breakfast tray in the TV room where she was relaxing in her favorite couch in her rainbow colored bathrobe. Her hair was growing back but short and no longer salt and pepper but blondish. As always she was beguiling. Then the morning show was interrupted with a full screen of the smoking trade center, just minutes before mortally wounded. My beautiful wife was a native New Yorker, and knew the area very well. We listened to the muddled and confusing reports, she remembered when a plane flew into the Empire State building… then we actually saw the second plane go into the second tower. My first reaction was, maybe this was a bit of overkill, probably an updated version of the famous Orson Wells debacle, but it was all too real. Together we experienced a moment of panic, maybe this was going to preclude an invasion of some sort. We watched the whole awful tragedy play out together in that little TV room with toast and coffee and juice and cereal. As we saw the buildings begin to unpeel like overripe bananas I clearly recall looking over at her still lovely face and seeing the tears start to roll down, and they triggered mine. And at that moment I realized I was going to lose her, she too was was dying, her cancer out of control. Too much death all around, losing her wasn’t fair either; nothing was fair at that moment. That was a very terrible dark day for so many. For me on too many levels”.

This photo was taken early afternoon in front of the Flatiron building on September 11, 2001. The view is looking south down Broadway and Fifth Avenue. You can see the cloud of smoke and dust on the left of the Flatiron building and you people walking north towards their homes. That blue sky is embedded into my brain.

This one is from Robert in NYC: “Seven years is a long time to stay as committed as you have been. Congratulations. I can only say that I get up each morning looking forward to your daily “rant” and am disappointed if I get on the computer before the Lobo News has been sent. I don’t always agree with you but unlike the Repugnants (what a great moniker for them) I value your right to your opinion, and my right to not always agree with that opinion. As our people are so used to saying ” a hundred and tvartzik more years of blogging for Lobo.”

This is a photo of the outfit I wore while running the 2001 NYC Marathon. It was the hardest race to finish.

From Bumper Sticker Ruth: Well, seven years later, the “hole in the sky” seems to be gone. “The hole in the sky” was my reaction whenever I looked downtown at where the World Trade towers used to be. They had dominated the skyline from where I live, and whenever I looked downtown — there they were. For quite a while after the Towers were gone, I would glance downtown and have this split-second reaction that something was wrong, and then I would remember. It was the “hole in the sky”. Something that we never would have dreamed could happen, did happen. Now, I look downtown, and don’t see the “hole in the sky” anymore — the view now looks normal and doesn’t shock me anymore.
What does continue to shock me, though, is how the events of that day have been used to manipulate this country and create a “hole in the Constitution”. I never would have imagined that seven years later, our rights could be so trampled on, our standing in the world so diminshed, and the people who masterminded the attack could still be walking around free. That continues to shock me. I will never get used to it. It’s time to take back the White House, and repair that hole in the Constitution. Then, maybe, things can really start to become normal again.

From Jim in Florida: Since I’ve lived in Florida for 30 years now, I don’t have the luxury of getting “used to” not seeing the Towers– I make an objective reference, of course, since I doubt that anyone really gets “used to” the new skyline. For me, however, it’s still a shock because I get to New York only once or twice a year; the last time I was near the site was driving south down the west side, and passing the eerily-lit space and seeing sky where I was so used to seeing sheer vertical walls. I did get to the observation deck with Carol and Matt on November 27, 1999, and we took innocent pictures of one another that made it appear as the radio tower on the other building was coming out of the top of our heads. And in July 2001 I was in NY visiting family and, after lunch with Carol one day on the World Trade Center outdoor plaza, took the ferry over to New Jersey so I could surprise my friend Eugene at work. I remember looking at the receding skyline and thinking how beautiful the City was, and how fabulous the human race must be to be able to engineer such beautiful buildings and parks… I always have thought globally; I have a hard time remembering that the Earth is divided into countries defined by peaceful borders or barbed wire fences or mine fields, and I always wonder why mankind has to be shut out from enjoying the planet in its entirety– all because of the whims of very few madmen. I was thinking all that on the ferry to New Jersey, in my usual optimistic / utopian way, and then a couple of months later it had changed forever. People I know were on the ground and at the site and stuck in the subways, and it was like the ground underneath my feet had started moving– even 1500 miles away in Florida, I couldn’t stay away from the television set. More than anything , that day convinced me that there really is never going to be a utopia, at least not while a few madmen still control things… and it’s become even more unsettling that so many of them now seem to in charge of the United States.

Lingering thoughts.

– There is still an ache that I revisit. If you live within walking distance of the site as I do, or if you work downtown, it is impossible not to think about that day. Does it get better? Time is a good healer and other crap makes me angry.

– I still check to see that the Empire State Building is standing many times a day.

– I often look up in the sky when I think an airplane is flying too low.

– I am suspicious when I hear sirens that go on too long.

– I still have all of the stuff (magazines, newspapers and brochures) that I accumulated over that first year. The newspapers are yellowing. Perhaps there is no rush to do anything with them. They are all tucked away in a drawer. Maybe this is the year I will get rid of them.

– Carol is doing fine. She still works within spitting distance of the ‘pit’ and my hat goes off to her and her coworkers who go there every day. She and I still chat almost everyday and find many things to laugh about.

– Police Officer Matt is also doing just fine. He is now a member of the Emergency Services Unit and is a detective. He leaps tall buildings, climbs bridges and works that wacky jaws of life machine to save people.

– That 3 pound kitten that walked into the lobby (and into my life) of my East 22nd Street building on October 25, 2001 is still here and now weighs in at 17 pounds. I also adopted a quirky dog named Benny three years ago

– Rudy Giuliani is still profiting from that horrific day and manages to make my blood pressure go up whenever I see his face or hear his voice.

– The Democrats took the House and Senate two years and are still impotent and make me crazy.

The balance of this year is huge. We have picked our Presidential candidates and are already crazy from the onslaught of negative ads, lies and bullshit. I will work hard for the election of Obama/Biden.

Wouldn’t it also be nice if this next year we could actually catch Osama Bin Laden?

I leave you with Keith Olbermann’s special commentary delivered last night, September 10, 2008.


Rudy, Sarah and me September 4, 2008

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I could not help but watch some of the Repugnant Convention while at the gym this morning. The new kid on the block, Sarah Palin, had her coming out party. And the crowd went wild. Short of her eating raw meat on stage she is exactly what this convention of very white people wanted to see. She roared at them, bared her teeth, snarled and pretty much damned the opposition party as the ones who are responsible for all of our troubles. There is a frightening disconnect about the Repugnants. They seem to blame the Democrats for all that is wrong. Who do they think has been in charge for the part 7.5 years? Whose ideas have run us into debt, stripped us of our rights and continue to frighten the hell out of us on a daily basis.

Which brings me back to Rudy (aka Mad Max at the Thunderdome).

On the treadmill I use at the gym there is a heart monitor. I was watching to see if my heart raced while viewing clips of last night’s convention. When Sarah Palin spoke and snarled my heart was steady – if anything it went a little lower. When Rudy Giuliani’s face came on screen my heart monitor leapt from the ‘cardio’ mode all the way to ‘high’ on the meter. One step short of a stroke, I think. Good grief! This guy can still piss me off.

The Repugnants roll out Rudy, whose constant stream of hate, intense anger and vitriol get the loyal followers all riled up. He reminds them how scared we should be. He reminds them how we are sitting ducks for the terrorists who are out there. He reminds me of the failures of the Bush administration.

Did anyone hear one single solution to our country’s problems last night? Did anyone hear Bush and Cheney’s name mentioned. By the way – Cheney is somewhere in the Republic of Georgia doing something. Probably sealing a deal for Haliburton.

–  ABC News talked with Ben Stein about John McCain’s “peculiar” choice of Sarah Palin.

–  Oh oh – another microphone goof: Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy were overheard talking about Sarah Palin on the MSNBC set at the Republican convention.

–  In an unrelated story: A woman convicted of murdering her infant daughter by microwaving her was spared the death penalty Wednesday by a jury that couldn’t reach a unanimous decision.

–  Billy the dog disappeared during the big floods of 2002 in Mozambique. He emerged from the jungle this year, carrying a little monkey on his back, Kiko.They were skinny and half dead, bud they had made it through all these years. Billy had defended kiko from all the dangers of the jungle, including a bunches of savage dogs willing to have kiko as dessert. They are unseparable, Kiko sleeps hugged to billy,they eat together,do everything together and they still are unconfident about humans. Only the two of them, forever.

Wednesday Wackiness April 30, 2008

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The separation of Church and State is one of our founding father’s better ideas. It could not be more evident than in the drama being played out this week between Barack Obama and his whack-job former Pastor, the Rev Wright or should I say the Rev. Wrong. What is it with these guys (and the list is long) that we all have to suffer their megalomania, their false view of importance and their outright bigotry, hatred and nuttiness? This disaster is right out of Karl Rove’s attack and destroy playbook. I wonder if there is way way we can blame Rove for this latest distraction? If you have not seen Obama’s reaction and repudiation to Rev. Wright, you can watch this short clip below. Let us just hope this latest news cycle will be short. If you want to watch his entire response, go here.

–  The Not So Supreme Court has once again proven the importance of getting a Democrat in the White House. A few of our Justices are hanging on waiting for a Democrat to take over on Pennsylvania Avenue so they can retire. Hang in their black robes, please. Another decision like the Voter ID ruling the other day could turn our country even further backwards in time. 25 States have ID proof laws in order to vote. Now, it is okay for them to ask for Government issued photo ID’s. So the first to be disenfranchised in their voting rights will now have to spend money to get photo ID Govt’ proof to vote. Shame, shame, shame. If you did not hear Scalia on 60 Minutes, he said that we should ‘get over it’ when referring to the 2000 stolen election. The arrogance, the lack of empathy for the common man, the frightening power of these guys in black robes should make all of us very nervous.

–  I am sure you have all seen the news that Pierre the Penguin has a wet suit. For a needed instant smile watch this:

–  The THUG in the White House is not taking any responsibility for our economic mess. Shocking, you say? Guess what? He is blaming the Democrats.

–  Rudy is back in the news, as you know. Cardinal Egan is mad at Rudy for taking Communion. I, at first thought it was because he has been married three times. But what do I know? It turns out that the Cardinal is angry at Rudy because they had a ‘private’ agreement that he would not take Communion because he is Pro-Choice.  Huh? The Church is a curious thing. How come you are allowed to make side deals with God? How come it is okay for John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Chris Dodd to get Communion from their Cardinals, and not Rudy? Okay, so the theme of today is ‘ separation of church and state? A very good idea.

–  Pretty in Pink. This time-lapse was created by Dave Allen, BBG’s Web Manager, from over 3,000 digital photos, one taken every 3 minutes from April 18 to April 26, 2008, of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s famed Cherry Walk.

–  This week marks the 200th episode of Law & Order’s SVU. Guess what? They are running out of location shots and are finally filming in my lobby today. Maybe my dog Benny can get in a cameo role. Woof!

–  In the ‘always leave ’em laughing’ mode, watch this Cat vs. Squirrel video:

Saturday Stew March 29, 2008

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eaglemouth.jpgI have been following Don Siegelman, the former Governor of Alabama’s story, for long time and am now riveted to this latest development. Who is Don Siegelman you ask? He was convicted of bribery and has spent the last nine months in prison in a seven year prison term. The reason I am interested is that this conviction was politically motivated and had Karl Rove‘s fiendish hand all over it. 52 Attorney Generals had signed a document asking the Courts to review this case as it seemed bogus and underhanded. Seigelman arrived home today. Stay tuned.

– One of the two brothers that was mauled by Tatiana the tiger on Christmas Day was arrested for shoplifting. As I predicted months ago – these two brothers were going to get into trouble again. The brothers, coincidentally, filed a negligence and defamation claim against the city and zoo on the same day of the arrest. Just wait until they get a huge settlement from the City to see what other trouble will befall upon them. Steve Clark, a San Jose legal analyst and former prosecutor, said the arrest “is not a good way to start off your lawsuit,” and could distract a jury. Suing for defamation “puts the boys’ reputations at issue. And when you keep getting arrested, what does that say about your reputation?” he said.

– Now this is the coolest kid ever!

– This headline made my eyeballs pop out. GIULIANI WEIGHING ‘SPECIAL’ RUN FOR GOV. Could this man possibly be serious? When will we get that needed break from his punim? Aurgh!

– If you have not heard about this head exploding story from Keith Olbermann – check it out here. It is another horror story about WalMart.

– The Prospect Park Zoo held a Joey naming contest and the winning name was announced yesterday. Meet baby girl, Riley.

– Here is another thing that my cat will not do – but definitely needs to do.

Things that go THUD in the night January 30, 2008

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aliceblog.jpgRudy, Rudy Rudy! What went wrong? What happened to your strategy? Did you really think that all of the relocated conservative New Yorkers who moved to Florida would put you over the top? Did Judi have a hissy fit last night when she realized that the White House was not going to happen for her?

Rudy’s third place finish pretty much wraps it up for Mr. Johnny one-note 9/11. I figure he will endorse John McCain this week and perhaps hope that he could be Attorney General in a McCain Administration. Or will he go back to the secretive world of Giulilani Partners and try to continue to profit off of 9/11? Will groups continue to pay $100,000 an appearance plus first class passage for more of his leadership shpiels? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile back on the Blue team (and I do not mean the Giants) Hillary and Barack are scrambling to get those precious endorsements. Maya Angelou endorses Hillary. Does this negate Toni Morrison’s endorsement of Barack? CA Congresswoman Maxine Waters endorses Hillary. Does this negate George Clooney‘s endorsement of Barack. And, oh those Kennedys.

The GOP race is getting mighty interesting. I have only been watching peripherally but, dagnabbit – it sure is getting to be fun now. The Conservative base of the GOP has real problems with McCain. They think he is too liberal for them. Fox News (or as Keith calls it – Fox Noise) is going to have a very hard time now that its favorite on, Rudy is going down the tubes.

Check out Keith Olbermann in a CNN interview. CNN tries hard to do a ‘gotcha’ but Keith is way too smart for that stuff.

The San Francisco Chronicle has endorsed Barack.

The New York Times endorsed Hillary. Oh my, choosing sides makes for great politics.

Stephen Colbert explains why John McCain won in South Carolina in this very funny piece.

If you are just waking up to the upcoming Super Tuesday and why it is so important. Check out this explanatory video from whytuesday.org

Special ‘K’ edition: Kucinich, Kerik & Kudos January 25, 2008

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hablog.jpg– Dennis Kucinich will withdraw from the Presidential race today. Out of funds and worried about several serious challenges to his House seat he will be leaving us today. Too bad. I always liked to hear what he had to say.

Bernie ‘thud’ Kerik has more problems. The lawyer for Kerik, the disgraced former New York City police commissioner, has been removed from Mr. Kerik’s criminal case in federal court because of a conflict of interest “so severe that no remedial measure will cure it,” according to a judge’s order issued Thursday.

– The editorial board of The New York Times is endorsing Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination and Senator John McCain as the Republican nominee. It is a thoughful and concise editorial. You should read it before you pull that lever on February 5th.

I particularly enjoyed reading what they had to say about Rudy.

Why, as a New York-based paper, are we not backing Rudolph Giuliani? Why not choose the man we endorsed for re-election in 1997 after a first term in which he showed that a dirty, dangerous, supposedly ungovernable city could become clean, safe and orderly? What about the man who stood fast on Sept. 11, when others, including President Bush, went AWOL? That man is not running for president. The real Mr. Giuliani, whom many New Yorkers came to know and mistrust, is a narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man who saw no need to limit police power. Racial polarization was as much a legacy of his tenure as the rebirth of Times Square. Mr. Giuliani’s arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking. When he claims fiscal prudence, we remember how he ran through surpluses without a thought to the inevitable downturn and bequeathed huge deficits to his successor. He fired Police Commissioner William Bratton, the architect of the drop in crime, because he couldn’t share the limelight. He later gave the job to Bernard Kerik, who has now been indicted on fraud and corruption charges. The Rudolph Giuliani of 2008 first shamelessly turned the horror of 9/11 into a lucrative business, with a secret client list, then exploited his city’s and the country’s nightmare to promote his presidential campaign.

In the always leave ’em laughing (or at least smiling).

While I was away… January 24, 2008

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lobopic.jpgWhile I was on vacation lots of stuff happened. I am dancing as fast as I can to catch up on the good, the bad, the sad and the ugly. As I peruse the oh too many photos I took on my trip I will share some of those thoughts with you but for now after only one day of speed reading the headlines this is what I missed in the past two weeks:

In no particular order –

– The non-profit group ‘The Center for Public Integrity‘ (now there’s a lost concept) did an exhaustive examination of the lies the Bushies told in order to lead us into this Iraq mess. All told, there were 935 lies perpetrated on we, the people and the rest of the world. Now you to, can search this database to find out who said what and when. High crimes and misdemeanors all, far as I am concerned and I am ready for an impeachment, how about you?

On at least 532 separate occasions (in speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, and the like), Bush and these three key officials, along with Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (or was trying to produce or obtain them), links to Al Qaeda, or both. This concerted effort was the underpinning of the Bush administration’s case for war.

– The inevitable thud of Fred Thompson removing his hat from the ring. He is probably pissed that Sam Waterston got his job on Law & Order.

Bill Richardson’s withdrawal from the race leaves us without his smile, his style and his experience. He would make a fine VP candidate for the last nominee standing.

Rudy’s single state campaign strategy seems to be backfiring. His single digit standing in the previous primaries and caucus’ leaves him gasping for breath (and leaves me laughing). Will Judi stand by her man if he goes down in flames? Will his maniacal smile get any more like one of those clown paintings by John Wayne Gacy? Ron Paul, a long shot candidate with no real chance at winning the Republican presidential nomination, has won nearly twice as many total votes to date as Rudy Giuliani, a candidate still widely viewed as a strong contender. Stay tuned.

McCain surges but is broke. Huckabee is also broke. When in doubt, both head for the money tree known as NYC for some fresh donations to the coffers. Romney simply has to go to his piggy bank to add some fodder to his campaign.

– Anyone think McCain might ask Joe wacko Leiberman to be his Veep?

– 23 Republican seats are up for grabs in the Senate in November while only 12 Democratic seats are up for grabs. I wish more media attention was paid to this important issue.

Heath Ledger‘s death seems pointless and very sad as was the not surprising death on young Brad Renfro (The Client). His train wreck of a life was doomed for years. Can Britney see the train coming towards her as well?

– While I was away I DVR’d lots of shows and here was one clip that cracked me up from the Jon Stewart show.

– I am still supporting John Edwards and here is what he had to say last night on Keith Olbermann‘s show.

Rudy, Bill and Keith September 27, 2007

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elephant.jpgSlip sliding away. I can’t seem to get enough of Rudy‘s arrogance, profiteering and chutzpah. Rudy fired his chief fund raiser Anne Dunsmore, who took control of Giuliani’s day-to-day fundraising operation in May and has been replaced by Jim Lee, a Texas money man and Bush ally who is already one of Giuliani’s national finance co-chairs. The firing comes days before Sunday’s filing deadline, when candidates are expected to report how much money they’ve raised over the last three months, the departure suggests that Giuliani is less than happy with his most recent haul.
– Here is an article from the Huffington Post for those of you who are waiting and watching for Rudy’s eventual fall. And it will be a loud thud.

– Of course you also heard about the Rudy fundraiser in Palo Alto where everyone who enters had to pay $9.11. Aurgh!

– The Bill O’Reilly flap over his insane racist comments about his dinner with Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem is growing larger each day. Discussing his recent dinner with Rev. Al Sharpton at the Harlem restaurant Sylvia’s, Bill O’Reilly reported that he couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.” O’Reilly added: “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea.’

Keith Olbermann’s fan club is growing each day. Is his the direction that mainstream network news needs to be headed? TV critic Marvin Kitman thinks it is.

– Speaking of Keith. If you missed his interview with whistle blower Rep. Jane Harman about how the Bush Administration used bogus intelligence in order to frighten lawmakers into voting for last August’s expanded FISA bill check it all out here.

– Today in history: In 1964 The Warren Commission report concluded that there was no conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Really? I think not.

– 480 days left in this bogus administration

– For those that need to smile after all of these depressing articles, check out my very happy sea lion video.

Who Let the Dogs Out? September 23, 2007

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William Wegman‘s wonderful Weimaraners  have been enjoyed by millions around the world. These amazing, graceful dogs make most people smile, laugh and just feel good. His latest video/art installation in Madison Square Park, right by the yummy Shake Shack can be seen by one and all until October 28th. The new seven-minute video, is viewed on four outdoor monitors starring Wegman’s favorite cast of characters as they enjoy a fall day in Madison Square Park. For more info on this installation which runs until October 28.
My dog Benny featured to the left in his Wegman homage wig, barked at the video when he first watched it. Catch Benny and a few glimpses of the Wegman video here:

Stuart Brown, a physician and clinical researcher founded and serves as president of the National Institute for Play. ‘Anyone who has a pet can testify that play is not exclusive to humans. And, in the wild, different species often are at odds. But, Stuart Brown witnessed something different. Watch the striking images of a wild polar bear playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada’s Hudson Bay.’

– If you love dogs, you’ve got to check this out

– Want a photo of a cute puppy in your in-box every morning? It helps to balance out all of the other bad news. Check out The Daily Puppy and sign up.

– When Judy Calls, Rudy Listens: At the NRA suck up last week, Rudy got a phone call form his beloved Judy during his speech. How come Rudy can’t do cute? Gag!

– Enough about dogs. Have you seen this GIANT spider web in Texas?

– An occasional Lobo prediction: How does a Hillary – Wesley Clark ticket sound to you? He has endorsed her, is on a speaking tour about his new book, looks and sounds authoritarian on TV and, let’s face it – he is a General.

– If you go to my post about The Granny Brigade, Betty, who was featured in my photo has added two comments. Go Betty!

– You are on your own today with Frank Rich on Senator Craig and
Maureen Dowd on Rudy and Judy. The Times Select is dead. Long live freedom of the reader!